Disneymoon Day 7 - World Cup Final!

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Well sorry again (sound familiar?) that it's been so long since I last posted! I thought this post wouldn't take so long given it was a bit of a quieter day, but alas, time runs away with me and so it's been weeks since I posted! So here for your enjoyment, is day 7...

Today was a bit of a more restful day on our honeymoon, no parks planned, or any solid plans other than going to watch the World Cup Final. So not many photos today, so if you're only here for the photos it will be a quick one!

I started the day with a wee bowl of cereal on the balcony. It was slightly cloudy but warm; very warm. Although I realise now that the picture looks really bright, but believe me, it was cloudy on and off!

The football wasn't until 3pm today so to start the day I headed down to the pool at our hotel. This was the one fault of our hotel, the pool area wasn't great. It wasn't awful by any means, but it wasn't the type you would be sharing on Facebook or Instagram to make your friends at home go "oooh, wish I was there". It was basic, but quiet which was quite nice.

I enjoyed reading my book in the heat, and Robert joined me shortly after. For some reason at this point I had a bit of an emotional breakdown! I started crying and Robert was like huh, what's going on?!

I don't even really know what was wrong, I just felt a bit overwhelmed and was worrying that Robert wasn't having the best time on the honeymoon I had planned for us. He reassured me he was having a great time, even though his grumpy old man demeanour doesn't always seem that way.

Emotions in check, we stayed at the pool for maybe an hour or so and then headed upstairs to get ready to head out.

About 2.30 we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings at Crossroads. It was absolutely heaving here. I have no idea why we hadn't anticipated a sports bar to be this busy during the World Cup Final, but we figured everywhere would be the same and decided to stay anyway.

There was a queue at the door with a wait list to get tables but it was clear from the people in football colours everywhere that they were here for the duration and so the wait for a table would be futile.

We managed to head through the crowds to the bar and found some standing room, and then shortly after I was able to nab a stool to sit at the bar.

We watched the game, which created a great atmosphere! We were rooting for Germany, but we were clearly in the minority as most of the place was filled with people in Argentina strips, with only a small group of German supporters in one smaller area of the bar.

There was lots of singing, chanting and banter from both sides so we really enjoyed the atmosphere.

At around half time I started to feel a bit peckish so I ordered myself some wings. I can't remember exactly what I had but from looking at the menu now I think they were probably the boneless honey barbecue.

Robert of course went for the hottest wings on the menu, which were called Blazin' hot. These wings were so hot they literally came with a warning. I didn't even dare taste them.

Now Robert LOVES the hottest of hot stuff, but even for him these were beyond his heat threshold. He ate them all but said they weren't enjoyable.

We would definitely come here for wings again - I really want to try the teriyaki ones - but Robert would be taking his hot choice down a notch.

Robert had a few pints during the football and I had one alcohol free beer as I was doing the driving today. Buffalo Wild Wings was in walking distance to the hotel but we weren't sure of the plans for later so we had taken the car.

We decided after the football to take a wander round the outlets at Vineland road. Neither of us were looking for anything specific, but we fancied a wander round anyway.

We were here for maybe an hour and a half or so, and probably spent about half of that time in the Levi's store! Aside from handbags for me, neither of us are very fussed on 'designer' stuff. I did have a peek in the Fossil shop, as I LOVE fossil, but I loved everything and couldn't decide what I loved most so ended up with nothing!

In the Levi's store we each bough 2 pairs of jeans. Now this is a bit of an aside from the details of the trip, but never in my life have I been comfortable in jeans. I always find them to be too tight on the legs, or if they fit my legs and hips, then they're too big on the waist. Enter Levi's Demi Curve. My cousin recommended these but I doubted how good they could be til I tried them myself! They were amazing!

I don't remember how much each pair cost, but I know it cost us about $100 for 4 pairs of jeans, plus we got an on the day discount bringing it down even further. Crazy prices!!

Here's a picture of Robert trying on a trendy denim waistcoat haha! (Note, he didn't buy this and will probably kill me for posting it hehe)

After our wander round the shops, we started to feel a bit hungry, and also wanted to go to Publix for some suncream. We headed to the Outback that's just beside the mall, but the queue was out the door. We decided to pop in to Publix for the suncream first, and then drove round to Longhorn to see if that was any quieter. When we came out of Publix the sky was so lovely I had to stop for a picture!

We were given a pager and told it would be a 40 minute wait. We swithered on whether to stay or not but we decided we could waste 40 minutes driving round trying to find somewhere quieter so decided to wait it out. I think we were seated in about 30 minutes in the end.

Yet again, we started out with some of the amazing honey oat bread they serve. It's sooo good! I was a bit fed up of stodgy meals so I decided to go for a sirloin salad with blue cheese crumbles. Robert went for a Parmesan crusted chicken.

My meal was really lovely, and the salad was just what I needed! The only one issue was that it came covered in grated cheese (possibly cheddar!?) instead of blue cheese crumbles so I asked and the server brought me those over separately.

Robert said his was too cheesey! Whaaaat! Too much cheese is not a real thing in my mind so to me this was crazy. I tasted a little bit and it was definitely very cheesey. I might get it if we go back - too cheesey is a major plus point for me!! He didn't finish it all.

After dinner, it was straight home to bed. I can't remember but I'm guessing it was about 10pm by this point. Tomorrow was one of the days Robert was most excited for - an overnight stay at Hard Rock Hotel! Little did we realise the amazing time that lay ahead of us! I'll hopefully get that day up ASAP!

Thanks so much for reading day 7 of our Disneymoon trip report! To check out my other days and also some wedding posts, check out my index page here.

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Until next time, which will hopefully be sooner!

Jilly xx