Disneymoon Day 6 - Magic Kingdom and Lake Buena Vista

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Hello there my friends!

It's been a long time since I've posted but one of my new year resolutions was to start posting here again so here I am... Please don't judge the fact we're now half way through January and this is my first time posting haha!

So thanks for popping in to read the next day of fun on my Disneymoon trip report! We actually just booked another trip for this summer so it's given me a kick up the bum to get this finished before we go again! And hopefully do the same with my project life album.

As I said on my last day, it was around this point that I stopped making detailed notes for my trip report, so I probably won't have as much to say. Although I'm sure you know I like a waffle, so I'll probably still go on a bit haha!!

So today was the day we had to check out of the Boardwalk Resort :( As we were staying for 3 weeks we didn't have the budget to stay there for the full time, so we booked a hotel in Lake Buena Vista for the next 12 nights.

I took a few photos of our final morning view before we left. This is such a beautiful resort, I would definitely love to stay here again.

The plan for the morning was to check out, head to Magic Kingdom for a few hours and then head to our new hotel before heading out to watch the football. I think by this stage it was the semi final of the World Cup, not that I can remember who was playing!

Don't you just love the classic disney gates car shot ;)

We packed up and were ready to head off by about 10am. When we were leaving, instead of traipsing all our stuff down to the car park, I waited at the reception with all the stuff while Robert went off to get the car to load up.

I'm normally quite angsty about leaving things on view in the car, but I felt safe enough leaving my car in a Disney car park as they are well manned and patrolled.

While we were driving to Magic Kingdom had the sudden realisation that he had left his iPhone wire plugged into the wall of the hotel room, so first stop when we arrived at the park was Guest Services to ask them to call the hotel and locate the wire. The queue was so long and it was boiling in there but we were soon sorted.

We had 3 fast passes set up for today - Space Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Haunted Mansion.

First up was our old favourite, Space Mountain, which was fab as always. From memory, I think this basically a walk on with the fast pass, only really queuing briefly at the loading area.

We then had a while to go before our next fast pass and we were STARVING by this time so we decided to go into Cosmic Ray's for some food. I was in the mood for something "non fast food"-y so I went for the turkey sandwich. This was jam packed with meat! I took some mustard at the fixins bar, and also some runny cheese (healthy right :D) to dip my chips. It was tasty although my sandwich was just a touch on the cold side. Obviously they're kept in the fridge to be kept fresh but it was a little uncomfortable on my teeth!

After this it was time for our next, much anticipated fast pass, yay! Finally getting to ride the Seven Dwarves Mine Train after our cancellation last week. We were on in 5 minutes and it was pretty fab! It was short though and tbh I would be a bit raging if I had waited in a 2 hour queue for it as it was over so fast! Fun if you can get a fast pass though :)
Up next was one of my absolute favourite attractions in all of Disney World - Philharmagic! If you've never been, this is a 3D animated movie with a soundtrack from many classic Disney movies such as Lion King, Beaty and the Beast and Aladdin. The 3D effects are good but I think you really need to be a true Disney fan to truly appreciate this, because the music from the movies just creates a pure magical experience! Predictably, Robert said it was "okay". Non Disney fan, so there's my point proven haha :)
We had a wander around Fantasyland before heading down to use our next fast pass at The Haunted Mansion but all the wait times were pretty huge so we chilled out in Liberty Square and visited a wee gift shop while we waited for our next slot to open at 1.25.
The gift shop here has a lot of lovely kitcheny type things and I really liked some lovely wine glasses. I was slightly concerned about how I would get them home safely so I decided to leave them and think about it, but I never did go back for them. Lesson learned - don't leave things you want to buy until later :( I'm definitely going to buy some wine glasses this summer.

Soon it was fast pass time. I love this ride, the theming is great!

After the Haunted Mansion we decided it was time to head back to the car, the pit stop at the Boardwalk for the phone charger was going to add an extra detour to our plans and we only had an hour or so until the football started.
So after our quick visit to get the charger it was straight onto Best Wedtern Lake Buena Vista. This hotel was really good value; very basic but clean, spacious and an amazing location. We would definitely go back but the one thing letting it down is the pool area. It was only a wee pool and the area could have done with a general redo to make it a bit fresher and more relaxing. We had a resort fee of $11 per day here and from memory I think we paid it at check in.

Now we were all checked in we decided we would pop round to Millers Ale House to get some grub and watch the football. Robert drove, meaning I could enjoy a wee cocktail! Coz I haven't had enough of those yet this trip ;)
We also got some of their giant "appetisers", which were both fab. Robert chose the zinger mountain melt, and I went for the spinach dip with tortilla chips. I wanted to get a couple to share but Robert wasn't so keen on my choice so I was only allowed a tiny bit of his haha! I'd love to try loads more of their options here but everything is huge so we can never manage as much as I'd like!
My cocktail choice was a mango mojito which was delicious!
We stayed here for the second half of the football (we didn't manage to see all of the first half) before heading back to the hotel to drop the car then pop back out somewhere for a drink. We ditched the car then walked over to Crossroads, where there were a few different places to choose from. It was no more than a 10 minute walk to Crossroads, and it had cooled down a lot by now so it was fine.
We got there and headed for Buffalo Wild Wings. We had a seat at the bar and ordered some drinks. I had a frozen drink of some sort - from memory it was something like a raspberry and mango twist or something along those lines! It was really good but gave me serious brain freeze.

We stayed here for a few drinks but I started to get a bit of a sore stomach - I'm going to blame the food not the alcohol haha.

We headed to Goodings supermarket before heading back to the hotel. This is handy and it's a decent size so you can get most stuff but I've been told it's more expensive that other supermarkets like Walmart or Target. We only ever picked up a few bits and bobs so we didn't really find it to be overly expensive so it's good to have it nearby, especially for those who don't hire a car.

After this we headed back to the hotel, chilled and watched some TV before falling asleep. We had no park plans for the next day. Just World Cup Final plans so we didn't bother to set an alarm for the morning.

Thanks for sticking with me through our 6th day, hope you enjoyed reading about our day! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or email/tweet me :)


  1. Love the fact that you are back!!! I was a bit worried already because I just recently discovered your blog. The trip looks so exciting, can't wait to get to WDW myself.

    I have a question about the park tickets. You said you stayed in a different hotel for the half of the trip so I guess you can answer this one. If we go for two weeks and decide to stay in four different hotels, can we still book the magic your way package with the ten day park tickets? Or do we have to get new tickets every time we change the hotel? I'm from Finland so I'm a bit confused with all the different information.

    It's totally okay if you don't know the answer to this. I love your blog and can't wait for you to write more.

    -Susanna / Colour Outside the Lines

    1. Thanks for reading, glad you're enjoying it. Hopefully won't be too long before the next day is posted :)

      The park tickets will be linked to a magic band when you arrive and so you would be able to move hotels without it affecting the days left on your tickets :) hope that helps :)