The Disney Tag

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hello lovelies!

It's no secret around here that I looooove Disney so when I saw a post on Cakey Dreamer called the Disney Tag I decided it looked like fun and I wanted to have a go!

I've spent the last three days working on day 3 of my Disneymoon trip report (here and there, not three solid days!) but when it came to uploading, Blogsy had an issue with one of the pictures, but won't tell me which one, and so it needs some tweaking and editing before I can upload it. So I decided to do something a bit more light hearted for fun in the meantime!

Here goes!

Favourite Disney character - This is hard - it switches between Minnie Mouse and Ariel, so I'm claiming both of them as my favourite. Minnie is so cute and I love all the amazing merch you can get, but Ariel is just so pretty, I love her!

Favourite Disney movie - The Little Mermaid is my favourite of the classics but I also absolutely love so many of the newer movies including Up, Wreck It Ralph, and not to mention Frozen. Initially I was put off by all the Frozen hype but I coukdnt deny it was a great film and now I just looooove it and all the songs etc.

Favourite Disney scene - hmmm hard one. I guess I'm going to say the bit in The Little Mermaid when she gets her voice back and prince Eric realises she was his true love all along! It's a total "yaaasssss" moment!

Favourite Disney memory - this is such a hard one, given that I worked in Disney World for 14 months and had so many amazing experiences there, but then also had a Disney Engagement and a Disney honeymoon; there's just too many to choose from! Although Disneyland Paris is not my favourite Disney resort, I think being there, in a fuzz of newly engaged happiness is probably one of my happiest memories. We treated ourselves to posh cocktails and beers in the Disneyland Hotel, and just enjoyed the first few days of being engaged all wrapped up in the Disney Magic.

Favourite Disney song - again, so many! I love Part of Your World, Let it Go, Do You want to Build a Snowman, and A Whole New World but the main one that pops into my head is Can You Feel The Love Tonight from The Lion King. I cried like a baby during this song when we watched The Lion King show at Animal Kingdom on our honeymoon. I also should give a special mention to You Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story as that's the song my dad and I danced to at my wedding last year :)

What is your go to Disney movie? At the moment it's probably Frozen, but I've recently started collecting the lovely new shiny cover editions of all the classics so I've been watching a variety.

First trip to a Disney park - I first visited Disney with my parents when I was about 14/15, and have absolutely loved it even more since then. I had always wanted to go - I used to love getting the brochures from the travel agent and sitting there adding up prices for all the different options. I was so excited when we finally booked it!

Favourite Disney park and ride - oh no, this is tooooo hard! I love love love the Magic of Magic Kingdom Park, but Epcot holds a special place in my heart after working there. However my favourite ride is in neither of these parks - it's actually probably Tower of Terror which is in Hollywood Studios park! I guess this shows it isn't all about rides it's about the experience and the atmosphere!

Most emotional Disney moment - This has GOT to be watching the Epcot fireworks, Illuminations - Refelctions of Earth, at both the start and end of my honeymoon. I watched the fireworks almost every night for a year when I worked over there so the music itself brings back loads of happy memories, but it was so surreal to be there again, 7 years later, with the most amazing man. I'd been planning our honeymoon for so long it felt so amazing to finally be there, and I was so overcome with emotion while watching them.

If you could pick any Disney character to be your best friend, who would it be? Well in all honestly Ariel already picked me, so it would have to be her. She did, honestly. During the Festival of Fantasy parade last year she spotted me and my red hair and started signalling that we had the same hair! She tried to offer me her fork to brush my hair with, so I'm takin that as a sure sign she wants to be BFF's. It was such an exciting moment! Everyone around was looking at me and I really felt like I was her BFF in that moment. Haha!

Thanks for reading my Disney Tag! If you decide to have a go be sure to leave me a link in the comments or tweet me and let me know!

Jilly xox


  1. NOOO! The Magic Kingdom fireworks were so much better. I sobbed for so long and it took me so long to get a grip of myself. Haha.

    I love Little Mermaid. Fav Disney ever! I wimped out of Tower of Terror. I think my favourite ride was Mount Everest in the Animal Kingdom. Least fav is def the one where you launch into space in Epcot. It felt so horrible!

    Corinne x

    1. Oh don't get me wrong, I looooooove Wishes firework show as well. illuminations just brings back so many happy memories for me. I cried during them both, along with the Frozen summer of fun singalong thing at Hollywood studios. I just cried all the time haha!!
      Everest is awesome, and I agree I'm not a fan of Mission Space either. It seems pointless as it's not thrilling and just leaves you feeling a bit sick!

  2. I love this! I love Ariel :) I didn't see Illuminations last year so I'll definitely make sure I see that this time. I loved Wishes though!
    Seeing Corinne's comment above- I tried to go on Mission Space but ended up on something else which tells you about the history of technology. That was NOT the experience I was expecting hahaha.

    Sian xx

  3. I love this tag! I actually got a bit teary when I read you danced to You've Got a Friend in Me with your dad at your wedding - that is such a perfect song choice for that moment.