Wedding Day, Part 2...

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hello, and happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of our wedding day; thanks to everyone who commented or tweeted me about it.

Today I'm going to share the rest of the pictures from the rest of the day - the evening reception which was in Sloans in Glasgow. Moving venues in the evening wasn't part of our initial plan, the whole day should have been in Three Sisters Bake, but due to reasons beyond our control we had to either find a new all day venue, or relocate for the evening reception. I absolutely love Three Sisters Bake and the little village it's in so I really didn't want to move the whole day. So we eventually decided on Sloans for the evening, which actually worked out great as it was easier for evening only guests to get to.

We had a bus booked after dinner to transport our guests, and it was actually quite nice to sit down for an uninterrupted half hour after dinner to relax before the evening festivities started.

Arriving at Sloans and then later going outside for photos was so fun - the courtyard was full of people enjoying the warm summer evening and we got a lot of cheers and shouts as we walked through.

As I said on the previous post, I had delivered all the cake and candy buffet and all our decor bits so Sloans the day before, with very specific instructions about where everything was to go and they set it all up looking fabulous.
When we arrived we only had a short while before the First Dance was due to take place but my mum and dad hadn't arrived yet! They were in the car with my sister in law who was pregnant at the time so obviously wasn't drinking, but they had trouble finding a parking space! Eventually they arrived and it was time to get the party started! Not before getting some lippy on though ;)
Prior to the wedding we had intended to practise our dancing and oh my goodness I wish we had because we might have either chosen a different song or made sure we were used to dancing to the one we did choose! We had chosen Songbird by Fleetwood Mac which is a beautiful song (that took us a longggg time to choose) but with it being so slow it was actually quite awkward to dance to. It was seriously the most excruciating few minutes as everyone watched us awkwardly sashay around the dance floor but it was soon over.

After the first couple of dances the photographer left so the rest of these photos were from my Dad's camera...

I'd love to know what song was playing in this second family shot because my brother and I are clearly loving it..
And then, quick as a flash it was all over! It's crazy how much time, effort and money goes into planning one single day for it to be over so quickly, but honestly it was all worth it. We had the most amazing day - everything went to plan, the weather was fabulous, and the guests all seemed to really enjoy themselves, but most importantly I was finally married to the love of my life and my best friend.
With the wedding over, all our attention then turned to our honeymoon which was 2 days later - so keep your eyes peeled for my Disneymoon Trip report coming up on my blog very soon :)
Thanks for reading!
Jilly xoxo
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Photos by SD photography



  1. Such a beautiful day documented in photos. Love the dress! I think if I ever get married, I would go for something similar :)

    Ashleigh x
    Being Ashleigh Blog

    1. Thanks for reading :)
      I loved my dress, I couldn't bare the thought of wearing a floor length dress all day, looks so uncomfortable! X

  2. Such a lovely photos. It looks like your day was perfect.
    All the best!

  3. I am obsessed with your day - everything looks absolutely perfect and you are one stunning bride. Huge congratulations to you both.


  4. Oh my God, I love your dress. It's so beautiful and timeless.

    I just discovered your blog and I'm really excited to start reading about your disneymoon as I am planning one for our honeymoon, too. It will be a few years to our honeymoon but I'm a planner so I like to get to know about everything beforehand. It will probably get me really excited about the trip, too.


    1. Aw thanks susanna!
      Thanks so much for reading! I'm hoping to get more of our disneymoon report posted soon because we've just booked another trip for July so I want to finish it before we go again!
      I absolutely love reading trip reports to get me excited for my trip :)