Wedding Day part 1

Monday, 2 March 2015

I decided it was finally time to get round to sharing my wedding photos on the blog. Looking back at the pictures from our wedding and honeymoon make me so happy but a little bit sad at the same time - it was 2 years of planning and it's a wee bit depressing when that's all over. Obviously the most important thing is the commitment Robert and I have made to each other but every now and then I get little pangs of sadness because I miss our wedding day and our honeymoon. So I think that's why it's taken me so long to get round to doing this.
Anyway, on with the show!
I've posted lots of pictures already of all the DIY's that I had done for our wedding, so as you can imagine the few days running up to the wedding were pretty hectic. I was finishing off DIY tasks, emailing vendors making sure everything was on track, and then the day before we had to deliver all our stuff to venue number 2, then go decorate venue number 1.
It was quite hectic and stressful but at the same time I enjoyed the buzz from it all. It took most of Friday to get everything sorted and I was finally home around 5pm. My friend Sarah from Essex arrived around 5 or 6pm, I was doing a final tidy round the house, and then it was time to relax for the evening. Well, relax as much as I could, I was so so nervous!
We had a chinese takeaway, watched Orange is the New Black and I had a few wee glasses of bubbly whilst doing my nails. Bedtime was about 12 but I tossed and turned til about 1am with nerves and stress and excitement!
I can't remember what time my alarm was set for but I woke up about 7, before my alarm was due to go off. Not normally a morning person but I hopped out of bed as soon as my eyes popped open!
First things first I made myself some crumpets and enjoyed those in peace, before cleaning out my rabbit's cage to get that job out of the way.
And then the madness began! I was doing my own hair and make up due to a disaster trial with my booked hair and make up artist about 2 weeks before the wedding so the next few hours were a flurry or showering, make up, hair etc.
My bridesmaids and my photographer arrived about 11.30am and suddenly everything was becoming a bit scary! I think it was around that time that I enjoyed my first sip of bubbly, but I ended up nursing the same glass for about an hour or so as it was so hectic.
My photographers started to take some of the getting ready shots. From here on I shall let the photo's tell the story :)

Finally it was time to get into the dress!!!
Again, Buttons wanted to know what was going on :)
My dad seeing my dress for the first time :)

Meanwhile at the wedding venue...
Robert was meeting our arriving guests whilst freaking out with nerves!

The car had to pause at this point ^ as my husband to be and his best man headed inside along with the last few guests to arrive.

Ahhhh, I get a tear in my eye looking back at these. I just want to wear my beautiful dress again!
I'm going to do a separate post discussing my vendors but if you're curious and need to know now, here are my suppliers.
Venue, catering and cake - Three Sisters Bake
Photographer - SD Photography
Flowers - Sparrow and Rose (my bouquet and button holes, table flowers and bridesmaid flowers were DIY)

Thanks for reading, I'll try to get part 2 up soon, and then it will be on with the Disneymoon Trip report :)
Jilly xo


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful dress, I love the touch of pink. Your hair is absolutely amazing too. I hope you two have a happy life together xx

  2. awww big congrats! the photos are lovely and you looked absolutely beautiful :')

  3. Looks like all the planning paid off and you had a lovely day.

  4. Lovely photos, your dress is gorgeous. This reminds me I need to actually start planning my wedding at some point!! x

  5. you look amazing! love all your photos and your flowers are just gorgeous x