Disneymoon Trip Report - day 0 and 1 - 6th/7th July 2015

Monday, 9 March 2015

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I hope you've had a chance to read part 1 and part 2 of my wedding day, as today I'll be continuing with the day after and day 1 of honeymoon. Enjoy!

Day 0 -

Now I realise I'm about to sound a bit crazy here, but the day after the wedding I had my alarm set for 6.45am. Madness, yes, but I had a good reason for it. At 7am, online check in for our honeymoon flights 24 hours later would open. Although our main long haul flight wasn't until around 11.30, because we had a connecting flight from Glasgow at 7am then we got a few hours head start as we were able to book seats for both legs of the trip.

I did this quickly, getting us a window seat and a middle seat for both parts of the flight, then headed back to sleep to get rid of the post wedding hangover I could feel looming.

Oh, before I went to sleep I also changed my name on facebook, it's not official until it's Facebook official ;)

I woke up later that morning and felt AWFUL. I started off thinking it was a hangover but after a couple of hours I realised I was actually a bit ill :( my stomach was aching, I was dizzy, and I kept having to rush to the bathroom to be sick. (I know this sounds like a hangover to some people but not me, and I went on to feel a bit unwell for days so deffo not a hangover).

I was starting to panic a bit because we had loads of stuff to collect from the 2 wedding venues, deliver Buttons (the rabbit) and all his stuff to my mum and dad, plus finish off our packing and print off some bits and bobs that I hadn't had time to do in the run up to the wedding.

Luckily my new husband is awesome, and so are my parents and they took care of everything. My mum and dad visited one of the venues and picked up loads of stuff, then brought that over to me along with all the wedding gifts they had taken home the night before. They then took Buttons away with them, saving us another job. My dad also brought me a glass bottle of irn bru, which he swears by as a curer.

Robert went off to the other venue, picking up the rest of the decor etc and also returning our rental DJ equipment. I was so so grateful to him and my parents for doing this, as I couldn't see how I could possibly face doing all these jobs.

By early evening I started to feel slightly better, and I started to think about what was still needing done. I checked my list that I had made prior to the wedding, and worked through it collecting all the bits and bobs as quickly as I could. By about 9.30 we were sorted and ready for bed, and although I was panicking about wether or not I would feel better by the morning, I finally started to feel a bit excited about everything!

Day 1 -

My alarm was set was 3.30am, as our pick up was arranged for 4.30. I'm not a morning person AT ALL but this morning as soon as my alarm went off I was up and bright as a button! My tummy was still sore but I was putting that to the back of my mind because oh my goodness WE'RE OFF TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!

Showered, dressed, make up etc done, and it was time to head off! Robert's dad arrived about 4.20 and by 4.35 we were on our way! Woohoo!! My excitement of course had to be documented by an "on our way selfie"...

We arrived at the airport about 5.10 and said a quick goodbye to Robert's dad before heading straight for BA check in. Check in was quiet so very quick and easy. I hoped that with my bridal mouse ears on we might have been bumped for an upgrade but no such luck, boooo!

Queues at security were quite small so didn't take long to get through, and once through security we had a wee donner about duty free and then headed to WH Smith to get a few bits and bobs. We then headed to our gate, and found a seat. It was really quiet, I imagine because most of the people on this flight were business people who were used to timing their arrival with boarding time. Whereas we were eager beavers going to Disney :D

Before boarding Robert had a coffee and I had an alpen light cereal bar with water, but soon it was time to go! The flight was only short (about an hour) and we also were served a cooked breakfast which was actually pretty tasty.

Up until this point I had been feeling ok tummy wise, but towards the end of the flight I suddenly felt really really warm and started to feel quite sick. The last 10 minutes of the flight were torture because it was too late to get out of my seat and go to the toilet because seat belts were on for landing, so I had a sick bag on hand instead.

Finally landed and through to the toilets, and while going into the toilets a parent from the school I teach at walked out of the toilets. They were also off to orlando and I knew they were going to be on our Glasgow flight. I told her I wasn't feeling great and swas a LIFESAVER. She gave me some anti sickness tablets, so I took these and then we found a quiet bit of the airport to have a lie down. I managed about an hour of sleep before we had to get up and head to our next gate. While we waited for our gate number to appear I headed to Boots and got myself some rehydration sachets as well as a big bottle of water.

Soon we were boarded and ready to go. I don't actually remember much about this flight (doing this from memory, not notes) but I think I watched a bunch of Modern Family episodes as well as watching some of Saving Mr Banks. Robert watched wolf of Wall Street. We were both impressed with the on demand entertainment, there was a great selection.

The meals were quite tasty, first up sausage and mash for both of us. The mash didn't look great but it was surprisingly good. I also really enjoyed the little salad that came with it, Robert the salad dodger left his.

I had intended having a wee wine with my meal but with my upset stomach I stuck to soft drinks and rehydration sachets. Luckily the anti-sickness meds and rehydration sachets helped me feel a lot better and I made it through the flight ok.

Eventually we landed in Tampa, it was around 4.15pm. We made our way through to immigration and the queue seemed to be pretty huge. I think it was probably about 45 minutes wait but it felt like forever as we were just so excited to get out of there.

After immigration it was time to get our bags and then head on the little monorail/tram thing.

We went straight to the garage to pick up our hire car - I think we were able to do this because I had joined Avis preferred? We were offered the choice of a convertible beetle and a convertible mustang. No question really!

We were only able to fit one suitcase in the boot so the other had to go in the back seat - good job there was only 2 of us. Soon we were off! Robert insisted on putting the roof down so it was a windy ride up to the Boardwalk Resort. We didn't have a map or sat nav so we were relying simply on road signs and my knowledge of the Disney area.

It wasn't long until we were driving under that iconic archway...

And then arriving at the resort. I love the way they say "welcome home" when you pull into a DVC resort :) if only it was actually home!

We loved the check in service where they come to you with an ipad and you get to sit on comfy couches as they do all the admin stuff. We were given a room on the ground floor facing a small lawn initially but I asked if they had anything higher up, and we got a first floor room facing onto the pool area.

I was so excited to be here and get our magic bands, and I practically raced along the corridor to our room. They also gave us some celebration badges, and we had a congratulations voicemail from Mickey and Minnie which was a nice touch :)

After check in the plan was to head to Epcot for a ride on test track (we had a fast pass, it was either 7-8pm or 8-9pm I can't remember)so we got ourselves freshened up and headed out into the heat.

Oh the heat, so much heat. It was about 7.30 by the time we were walking to the park but it was still so so hot.

We went into Epcot via the International Gateway and headed to Test Track right away. This was really fun, it's the first time I've been on since they introduced the car design aspect. I think the outside bit seemed faster too!

After the ride we had a wee play on some of the car games at the end of the ride, before heading out to watch the fireworks.

But of course you can't watch the Epcot fireworks without a cocktail so we stopped to get a drink first. I got a fiesta margarita and Robert had a Dos Equis. (Sorry for the dark photo!)
We walked round the World Showcase Lagoon to find a spot to watch the fireworks. We were heading clockwise round the lagoon, towards japan / Morocco area so that after the fireworks we weren't too far from international gateway to walk back to the resort.
The fireworks were amazing, and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I watched with tears in my eyes. I spent a year working here at Epcot so they hold a lot of special memories for me, and over the past 2 years of planning I had been dreaming of watching the fireworks here in my happy place with the love of my life. And here we were! I'm not sure if it was the fact I'd been awake for almost 24 hours or the booze or just the fact we were finally here but it felt so surreal to finally be here when I'd been imagining this moment for so long. I couldn't have been happier than I was at that moment.

Robert found it slightly amusing the cheeky thing ;)

After the fireworks we decided we had to eat something before heading to bed, so we headed for ESPN on the Boardwalk. It was pretty quiet so we were seated right away.

We ordered drinks, a blue Glowtini for me (not on the menu but they made it anyway) and a pint of something for Robert.

for eating I had a Philly cheesesteak and Robert had a burger. Mine was SO GOOD! Robert said his burger was OK.

Both came with a ridiculous amount of chips which neither of us finished.

Overall I was quite impressed by ESPN. Good service and decent food and I don't think it was overly expensive.

Now, if you aren't the planner within your travel party here's a wee tip for you - Listen to the holiday planner. And here's why -

During dinner, Robert made a comment like "oh I can't wait to have a long lie tomorrow". I shifted awkwardly in my seat and broke the news to him that we had an 8.05am breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace the following day, and I hoped to be out of the hotel by 7.15. This was followed by some huffing noises from Robert until I told him it was fine, he could stay in bed and I'd go myself.

I HAD told him about these plans while I was booking things but he obviously hadn't listened properly and just agreed to whatever I was saying. So yeah, listen to the planner please ;)

After dinner we were only walking distance to the hotel, so we headed back and fell straight into bed.

up next - Crystal Palace and Magic Kingdom, and I shall leave you wondering wether Robert made it to breakfast or not!

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far!

Jilly xo


  1. quick question: we are avis perferred members too. when we go too the garage do we have to present a credit card or not? Did you guys?


    1. Hi Tim,
      Thanks for reading. Yes we did have to present a credit card, I think it had to be the card I had booked with (or at least our paperwork said that), but I can't remember if they swiped it for charging purposes, or I guess they maybe already had those details on file because that's what I booked with! Maybe they might swipe if you wanted to use a different card than the one you booked with.
      Sorry, not much help lol :)