Disneymoon Trip Report - Day 2

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tuesday 8th July.

The first "proper" day of our honeymoon started with a 6.15am wake up call for me. Everyone else who goes to Orlando seems to have this problem where they wake up at 4am for the first few days of their holiday while they adjust to the time difference, but no not us. Maybe it was just with the busyness of the last few days with the wedding and everything, but we could have slept for hours longer!

I got up, still unsure wether or not Robert was going to make it up in time for our breakfast ADR but I had already decided I'd be going myself if didn't get up! I just started getting myself organised and ready; I went out on the balcony to do my make up where I could also watch the resort getting slowly brighter and busier as everyone came to life.

My notes here say "woke Robert gently @ 6.35" and this made me laugh reading back on it. At 6.46 (so precise) my notes say he got up to start getting ready. Yay, he was coming with me :D

We left the hotel about 7.15am, posing for a few photos by the Mustang as we went.

I was sooooo excited by this point, I couldn't believe we were heading to Magic Kingdom!! Of course I got the obligatory gate picture...

Arrrgh, so exciting!!

It was 7.30 when we reached the car park, and we walked over as we were really close to the Transportation and Ticketing Centee. If you're further away, the little trams are a better option. When we arrived at the TTC we were informed that the monorail didn't open until 9, and the next boat would be leaving in 15 minutes. I started to worry we wouldn't make it in time, but the boat actually left after about 5 minutes, so we stepped off at the MK turnstiles at about 5 to 8.

Approaching MK by boat is a definite must do for the first visit of your trip, or at least for your first visit ever. The monorail is fun, but there's nothing quite like standing on the front of the ferry watching the castle appear bigger and bigger on the horizon as you approach the magic!

It was mobbed outside the gates, obviously people waiting for the Rope Drop show. We went to find the ADR entrance and headed straight through. We headed on in, of course stopping for the must have castle shots.

We headed for Crystal Palace, to find ourselves in another massive queue. They eventually asked that while in line to check in, that only one member of each party wait in line, which weeded out quite a lot of people from the queue, but of course some families decided the rules didn't apply to them and the whole family of 5 or 6 stayed in the queue.

It actually went down really quickly anyway so we were soon presented with our buzzer, and we waited off to the side while watching some cute duckies.

We were soon seated, and our server Vinnie aquatinted us with the buffet procedure, and got us each some drinks. We had some pretty sequins on our table due to the fact we had listed our honeymoon as a celebration.
We were both pretty hungry so soon headed up for our first selection.
This was my first plate, and everything was so yummy! Especially the breakfast pizza! I haven't got a picture of Robert's plate but I imagine it was similar to mine.
I was pretty gutted after this plate because I was starting to feel really full! So unfair, there was so much food I still wanted to eat! I decided I wasn't leaving without having had a Mickey waffle so I headed up for another (very small) plate, with a waffle and some stuffed French toast.
While we were eating I happened to glance outside and I could see a stampede of people following a rope up Main Street towards the castle. It was gonna be a busy day at MK!
Of course, the food isn't the only attraction of Crystal Palace; Winnie the Pooh and his pals were also joining us throughout breakfast! Robert wasn't too keen on posing for pictures with characters, but of course it's impossible not to get swept up in the action and so we ended up with a few great pictures :)
We didn't manage to see Piglet because he had come round when we were up at the buffet and we didn't really want to hang around til he came right round again so we decided just to get our check. Vinnie was shocked we were leaving so soon and how little we had eaten, so he must be used to people eating loads more! I thought we had done not too bad even though I was disappointed in my stomach, but that was just me being greedy!
When Vinnie brought the check he also brought us a little celebration cupcake! It was a lovely gesture and I do love cake, but we were both so full that we exchanged an awkward little "uh oh, what are we going to do with this" smile when he put it down. Luckily Vinnie must be familiar with that look so he offered us a paper drink cup to put it in for taking away.
We quickly paid up our check and headed into the roasting hot day. And this is where my notes end, whoops! We had 3 fast passes booked for the day, but we had about 2 hours before any of them would be valid. I think, from memory, that our 3 fast passes were Space Mountain, Dwarves Mine Train and Splash Mountain.

Despite the crowds we had seen storming into the park about 15 minutes ago, the park still seemed relatively quiet and the lines for the rides reflected that. We headed straight over to To orrowland and went on Space Mountain. We were less than 10 minutes in the queue, so we could really see the benefit of being there for rope drop. Within the next hour or so we did Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear and Robert's favourite, Carousel of Progress. This wasn't actually his favourite, he called it the worst thing he'd ever been on haha! It's a bit dated but I love the catchy tune and it's a Disney World classic! We then headed to Frontierland for a go on Big Thunder Mountain, which had a queue of about 15 minutes.

Serious face!

Soon our Space Mountain fast pass was up, so we joined the FP line. The line to get through the fast pass entrance was really big, but it was moving quickly, and once you were through the entrance there was no queue right up until you got to the loading area. We were loving FP+ so far!

First time round I had managed to take a mental note of where the cameras were, so on our second go I managed to get this picture!

When I came off Space Mountain I realised I had an email from My Disney Experience, telling me that Seven Dwarves Mine Train wasn't running so we had to select a different fast pass. I was gutted; this ride is just newly opened so I'd been so chuffed to get a fast pass in the first place. The alternative options were mostly a bit rubbish (ie the rides you don't really need a FP for) but in the end we (or at least I) decided to go for Voyage of the Little Mermaid. This was cute and fun, obviously as a mermaid fan I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's just a slow moving sing songy ride so it didn't appeal so much to Robert.

Last up for the day was Splash Mountain. For some reason this ride makes me feel so nervous, more so some roller coasters which is weird because it only has the one big drop at the end really. I guess it's probably just the build up to that drop! Robert's face in this picture always makes me chuckle!we both loved this ride, despite the look of fear on our faces!

We didnt get too wet, but the little bit wet we did get had dried up by the time we reached the front of the park. Once in the car, which was like an oven, we decided to head to Walmart to pick up a few essentials. We didn't do a massive shop, just got some bits and bobs like water, beers, shampoo and some crisps for the room.

On the way back to the resort I decided I was going to eat the cupcake, so I delved in to get the cup and this is what I found inside, whoops!

Back at the room we had a quick freshen up and a wee beverage.

Once we were sorted we headed down to ESPN cafe again to try get in for the football. Obviously I had underestimated how busy a sports bar would be during the World Cup (silly me) so there was a massive queue out the door to get a table. We headed in to the bar area instead, and managed to squeeze ourselves into a wee spot by the bar.

My drink of choice was a classic margarita on the rocks, no salt.

Now I don't know if you'll remember this game, but it was Germany v Brazil, so the bar was FULL of Brazilian families and groups. Unfortunately it didn't go so well for Brazil, as they were beaten 7-1 by Germany. I'm not even into football but this game was so unbelievable, especially after how hyped up Brazil were to do well! It wasn't pretty, there were little Brazilian kids crying as they left with their families, and grown men with their heads in their hands at the tables. The queue outside quickly disapeared as the Brazilian fans became more down heartened. Bit of a shame, but hey it's just a game isn't it!

By the time the football finished we were starting to get a bit hungry, so we got a seat at the bar and order some wings. I went for boneless, and Robert got bone in.

These were so delicious, and I'm actually getting hungry looking at the pictures!

After we had eaten, we were both feeling really sleepy, so we decided to have a wee wander round the Boardwalk shops then head back to the room to chill for a bit before bed.

I was very excited to discover that the shop sold Disney Monopoly, so I bought that along with a few other wee things -

We went back to the room, planning to watch tv for a bit, but from what I remember we were both out for the count by about 8.30pm!

It was a fabulous first day, lots of disney magic but also some relaxation in there too, just what I had hoped for.

Highlight of the day: Arriving at Magic Kingdom for the first time!

Food of the day: got to be a Mickey waffle with syrup! Yum!

Thanks for reading, hopefully day 3 will be along soon!

Jilly xo


  1. Oh wow looks like you are having an amazing time and congrats on getting married - hope your honeymoon was everything you wanted it too be :)

    laura x

  2. Looks like you're having the best time. That Mickey waffle is just so cute!

  3. This looks amazing! I'm dying to visit!
    Alex // www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I so agree about taking the boat to the Magic Kingdom, especially for a first ever trip, you can't beat that feeling as the castle gets closer and closer!

    To be honest, we usually take the resort bus because it's quicker, but I still tend to do the boat once per trip just for nostalgia reasons (plus you get some really cool views of the other resorts from the water).

    ESPN bar is one of our favourite places to eat - though we tend to prefer going for a late lunch as it's a bit less busy.

    Looking forward to the next instalment :)

  5. Looks and sounds like you had such a great first day, I want to go so much!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog