Disneymoon Day 5 - Hollywood Studios and Epcot

Friday, 7 August 2015


Thanks for popping by for another installment of our Disneymoon Trip, we're now up to day 5! This will probably be the last *super* detailed post, because it was the last day where I took a lot of notes, from here on i'll probably have to remember my days from my photographs.Today we're off to Hollywood Studios, yay!

Our plan today was to have a wee bit of a longer lie, and were aiming to get to the park for about 10.30ish instead of 9 like the previous days. When we got up, we both decided to have a bit of pizza left over from the Papa Johns feast to keep us going for the day. We had an early-ish dinner reservation and so we didn't really want to have to eat a big lunch during the day as we had only really been able to eat one big meal each day so far. Looking back, I should have gone and tried some of the sweet treats that Writer's Stop or Starring Rolls had to offer, but I'll remember that for next time! I never did go and get the carrot cake cookie thing that was on my "To Eat" list. Yes, I have a "To Eat" list when I go to Florida, don't be judging me!

We decided to walk to the park today, and walking over was not too bad because it was slightly overcast and so although it was really humid, we didn't have boiling hot sun beating down on us. We left around 10.15 and arrived around 10.45, going at a leisurely pace. Bonus of staying at an Epcot resort is definitely the fact you can walk to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios! While we walked along with the sight of Tower of Terror looming, Robert announced he was definitely not coming on with me. He says he hates it but I think he actually hates it and loves it in equal measures hehe!

When we arrived at Hollywood Studios the main street was really busy, loads of people who seemed to be waiting around for something to happen. We had decided we were heading straight for Indiana Jones though, so we headed straight through the crowds and headed for the Indiana Jones arena. When we got here I looked up my programme and I realised that the crowds on Hollywood Boulevard were waiting for a "Frozen Royal Entrance". I would have liked to have seen that but, whatever, too late now.

We were seated about 15/20 minutes before the Indiana Jones show was due to start, but they had some crowd participation stuff going on so it passed quickly, and soon the show was underway. We both really enjoyed this. I actually forgot about the little secret twist (no spoilers here!) although I remembered about half way through. The effects were really cool and to be honest this was better than I remembered. Shady photos though, apologies.


After this we had around 45 minutes before our Star Tours FP+ so we went to the Muppets 3D show. I really enjoyed this as always, but Robert wasnt that thrilled with it. He isnt really a fan of 3D show type attractions though so that was too be expected. There was no queue for it though, which was great. I love those types of attractions that have no queue in the middle of July yet theyre still awesome. (at least IMO).


After this our FP+ only had 5/10 minutes til opening so we waited around in this vicinity instead of wandering off and having to walk back. It's SO much effort walking around in this heat haha. When our FP+ opened up we were straight in, and it was a 5 minute wait. LOVING FastPass+. Again we both really enjoyed this. Not overly thrilling but good fun.

After this we walked over to the Animation Academy, stopping at a cash machine along the way. It was a $2 charge to use the ATM in the parks, I think thats pretty standard across the parks.

We got into the first sitting of this, which opened up pretty much as soon as we arrived. They did a vote for the character we drew and the winner was Mickey Mouse. I can't remember the options but I think I voted for something else because I've drawn Mickey before. I think we both did not too badly if I do say so myself! This is my attempt on the top, Robert's at the bottom.

When we left this we went into the character spot, and waited around 10 minutes to meet Ralph and Venelope. Robert said he didnt want in on the pictures but when it came to it he just went straight in for the post. No idea why I was wearing such a hideous outfit here, clearly they have no mirrors in Boardwalk resort hehe! We also played with some of the little interactive games here.

After this is was time for our Tower or Terror FP+. We walked to the entrance and Robert was still adament that he wouldnt be coming on, until we got to the point where I turned to say bye to him and he goes "oh, do you really want me to come on with you?". See! he loves it and hates it but doesnt hate it enough not to come on! So of course he came on, and we were on within 5 minutes.

This is one of my absolute favourite attractions in all of WDW so I loved it as always. Robert claimed to hate it but he was laughing and smiling (and screaming) in the ride picture so he obviously loved it too.
We had a wee while before our next FP+ so we went to check the single rider for Rock n Roller Coaster but it was pretty long for riding separately so we gave it a miss for now and decided to ride it together for the first time. we have been on the Paris version before but not the (superior) Florida version so I wanted us to enjoy it together.

We were absolutely MELTING by this point so we decide to pop into the Brown Derby outside patio bit for a drink. Here we had probably the best moment of the day - FREE cocktail! It was table service here so the server took our order, with me ordering a Magical Star cocktail and Robert going for a Magic Hat No 9, which was some kind of ale. This was all good, our drinks came, mine in a lovely tall glass, glowing and looking tasty. I started to enjoy my cocktail when just moments later another member of staff came over and said "This is how a Magical Star SHOULD be done. That one's on me". BO-NUS!!!! They both tasted pretty much the same, just in different glasses, but I was definitely grateful for a second freebie cocktail on a boiling hot day!

After our afternoon soiree at Brown Derby it was time for Toy Story Mania. We were actually a bit tipsy, whoops! We had a 5/10 minute wait for this, compared to a line of around 80 minutes so we were really glad we managed to get a fast pass. We both LOVED this. It was actually so much better than I remember, although last time I had waited in a massive queue so I had maybe felt that it wasnt worth the wait, taking the shine off the ride itself. I love how you can actually see where you're shooting on this ride, compared to Buzz where I feel like you're just shooting blindly. Maybe i'm doing buzz wrong, who knows ha!

I think Robert was player 1 :(


After this we decided to head home. We walked back though I remember getting half way along the path and totally regretting this. I honestly have NO IDEA how I used work in this, wearing a huge bulky costume with thick felt cummerbund thing and grotty knee high stockings. Urgh!

We got back to the room at around 3.30ish, and chilled out for a while before we had to get ready for our evening. We were getting pretty hungry by this point, and I was VERY excited for our dinner at Beaches and Cream. We left about 4.40, and headed over to the Beach Club resort. It was actually pretty tricky to find, we ended up having to cut through the Yacht and Beach club pool area, i'm not sure if that's the only way in but it was the only way in that we could find.

We checked in at 5 on the dot and waited about 5/10 minutes to be seated. Robert ordered a bud light with lime for drink and I ordered a diet coke, and for dinner we both ordered an Angus Burger with Cheese which came with fries. We waited about 15/20 minutes for our food. It was pretty tasty although I had been told that these were the best burgers on Disney property but I dont think they were THAT good.

This picture literally shows the size of pretty much the whole restaurant besides a few stools around the counter. If you want to eat here (even just for ice cream!) book early.

After our mains I was SO full, yet again failing to each another entry on my "To Eat" list, the amazing looking chocolate cake they serve here. Robert went for a toffee sundae, which was so huge we werent sure where to start. We were SO FULL yet again.

After we came out of here Robert went to the restroom and I headed into the little arcade, and loaded up a wee card thing with a few dollars because the machines don't take any cash. we played a few little games of basketball and the wee claw machines where we scored some sweets.

Soon we headed off to Epcot, it was about 6.30 by this point and so it had cooled down a lot. Our first stop was the Rose and Crown, my old place of work. I was so excited to see that one of my old work mates Lady Sarah was working! she seemed excited to see me too and we had a quick little catch up and a wee photo :) Being back here with none of my old friends (the staff changes every year) makes it feel like working here was a dream but seeing someone who I actually know made it all seem real again. I ordered a Strongbow in there, but it wasnt the nicest. It seemed really apply, almost like someone had poured a couple of shots of apple Sourz into it.

We went for a wander of World Showcase stopping in a few places to explore the pavillions. The original plan was "Drinking Around the World" and staying for extra magic hours but after such a filling dinner there was no way we could have had a load of drinks.

We watched the little chinese acrobats doing their thing, which was good fun, before walking back to Mexico for a slushy margarita and a Dos Equis. We waited so long here - the guy serving was too busy filling up his straws to serve anyone, and then he forgot to give me a mixed margarita and only gave me strawberry. I just took it anyway, we waited long enough for it so I didnt want to have any longer to wait!

We headed back round towards china and sat people watching for a while with our drinks. It's so funny when people watching that you can usually tell straight away where people are from just by what they're wearing. I can tell British people a mile off.

It was nearing firework time now, and so we carried on our walk round world showcase, stopping at Germany to get a beer for Robert. He bought a Shoffenhoffer, which was $9 on its own, or $12 in a souvenir stein which I thought was actually good value for Disney. I wanted a Grey Goose slush so we headed onto France to buy this before finding a spot for fireworks on the bridge.

The fireworks were amazing as always, and yet again, I cried! These aren't the best photos but just wanted to share to show the view from the bridge. Partially blocked by trees so not the best.

We decided at this point that we had had seen enough of Epcot for the evening so we headed back to the Boardwalk to enjoy the vibe over there.It was buzzing and fun as always, with street performers and music going on. We watched some jugglers before heading onto Big River Grille, where we sat inside at the bar. I had a strawberry margarita, and Robert ordered a beer he wasnt actually keen on, I think it was called Steamboat. He preferred his second drink which was called Summer Wheat. I think I just had a Diet Coke after my first drink.

After the second drink we decided to call it a night, stopping in at Wyland Gallery on the way. This became a bit of a surreal experience, because we only went in for a browse (have you seen the prices in here?!) but after a short while one of the salesmen came over and took us to a little back room where he went through us the intricate details of a paiting we really liked, and started to go through shipping options etc. It was about $1800 and for a moment I thought that Robert was seriously considering buying it! I was a bit worried that he was drunk and would whip out his credit card because I loved it so much I probably would have gone along with his impulsivity and then regretted it in the morning! Thankfully we just took the saleman's card and said we would sleep on it.

We went to bed that night and not another word was mentioned about the painting.

Another amazing day at Walt Disney World, and I went to sleep a bit gutted that we would be checking out of the Boardwalk Resort the next morning, boohoo :(


Disneymoon Day 4 - Epcot and Mini Golf

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Thursday 10th July 2015

Hello! Time for day 4 of my Disneymoon trip report - back to my beloved Epcot for the morning!

It was another early start this morning, with the alarm set for 8. Not quite as early as the last 2 days but still early for a holiday! I woke about 8, and woke to find Robert awake already. I lazed til about 8.15 then got up and got ready.

Because we were walking to the park today (bonus of staying at the Boardwalk), I didn't bother going down to the bakery for coffee; we decided just to pop in on our way. We left the room about 8.55 and picked up a wee carton of milk and coffee on the way. I managed to get a few snaps of other Boardwalk treats while I was in. I'm so annoyed now I didn't eat anything from here other than a banana, my appetite seriously let me down that first week!!

Every day I still get amazed by how hot it is at this time in the morning, we were melting while walking over towards the International Gateway entrance to Epcot. However on the plus side, it was so so nice coming in the "back entrance" where there was no crowds or queues. It was so lovely and peaceful, particularly because World Showcase isn't officially open at this point so there was pretty much nobody around for our first 15 minutes or so in the park. The one person who was around was a custodial cast member who shouted good morning to us (remember this fact for later!).

When you come in International Gateway, you enter between the UK and France and you need to head through the UK to get towards Future World. Now, if you know me from the Dibb, or through twitter or even real life, you might know that I used to work in the UK pavillion in Epcot, so this place holds some really special memories for me!

It was really weird being back! We posed for a few pics before heading straight on through to Soarin'.

We arrived at Soarin at 9.20, and it was a 30 minute wait already. We had a fast pass booked for 10.10 anyway so we figured we'd just wait for that. I'm not actually sure why we headed straight there, we should probably have gone for Test Track but maybe I was hoping to ride Soarin' twice, I can't really remember.

We decided while we were there to go on Living With the Land instead. This is a boat tour more than a ride, and I quite enjoyed it. Very informative! It was literally a walk on, we had the whole boat to ourselves!

By the time we were finished on there it was nearing our fast pass time but we were starting to get hungry so we opted for a breakfast at Sunshine seasons. We both went for the breakfast platter which was pretty tasty.

Robert wasn't too keen on the French toast that came with it, it was quite sweet and he said it had a strange texture. I enjoyed mine though. I was too full to eat the biscuit thing but Robert ate that and enjoyed it.

It was time for our fast pass after breakfast but we took a few minutes to look at the map and plan our day. We were only staying until about lunch time again.

We soon joined the queue for Soarin', noting that the standby queue was already up at 105 minutes by just after 10am! The fast pass queue was probably one of the longest we encountered, and it took about 25 minutes from joining to boarding.

Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE soarin', but I deliberately didn't say too much or big it up too much with Robert because I know a lot of people find it underwhelming and think it gets too much hype, but tbh the queue of 105 minutes gave him the impression it was something special anyway!

I loved it as always, and Robert thought it was just OK. He declared that anyone waiting any more than 40 minutes for it was crazy!

We had a wee while to wait before our next FP was up so we wandered down to the main central walkway bit of Epcot to have a look around the attractions here. Had a peek in the character spot, but it was a 40 minute wait, no way! Tbh this wouldn't actually be too bad because you generally get to meet about 3 different characters here so really isn't so bad when you get to tick 3 characters off in one go!

We decided to head into club cool to get out of the heat and try some of the drinks. If you've never been in here, it's basically an exhibit where they have soft drinks from all around the world. They have loads of wee mini cups so you get to try samples of all the drinks. We actually enjoyed most of them, I'm sure there's a watermelon-y one that I really liked.

A couple of them are a bit rank though, but I drank them anyway even though I knew this from trying them before. Just had to remind myself just how bad! I'll leave you to find out for yourself what the horrible ones are!

Robert clearly wasn't impressed with whatever one that was!

After club cool, we headed info Innoventions, where they have various games and attractions for you to play. First one we came to was a weird IBM game that had no instructions and wasn't at all clear what you were supposed to do. We played for a while, thinking eventually it would make sense but it never did so we gave up! At the end of it you could take a photo to email to yourself but we did that and they never showed up :(

Next we went to the Piggy bank game thing, it's essentially a game to learn about saving and stuff and I guess it was probably sponsored by a bank for advertising. Robert said it was childish but I thought it was quite fun :)

By this time our next fast pass slot was open, yay! We headed over to the Seas, and we spent ages pottering around looking at the giant tanks. We went into see the rescued manatees, it was amazing seeing them so close up. From underneath you could see them swimming around but if you went upstairs some of them would bob up to the surface and there was a lady there talking about them, and the rescue procedures and stuff.


We wandered around the different tanks, trying to get some decent pics of the turtles and sharks. None of the pics are great but here are a few...

And last but not least... My sting ray selfie haha!

After a while watching the sea life we went on to Turtle Talk with Crush. I've never done this before and had high hopes for it but I was so disappointed :(

My notes say "got potential but spent too long with the audience copying words". I can't really remember what I meant by this, but I think they were saying loads of the "duude" and all that from Nemo and we had to copy, but they didn't leave much time for the actual audience interaction. Would maybe go back when we have kids but for now it will be a miss for us!

After this it was over to Mission Space, and we chose the orange (intense) version. I always work this up to be something huge and so I was a bit scared going on, particularly because I'd been feeling queasy in the previous days and I didn't want this to bring it on again! It was ok though, it's a weird sensation but not really that exciting. Luckily I didn't feel sick after it!

We decided at this point to head to the mini golf at Fantasia Gardens. In my head we would be able to get a boat inside Epcot but I was obviously confused with the boats that go around the world showcase and so we had to walk to international gateway and leave the park and then get on the boat.

We got off at the Swan and Dolphin and had to go inside to ask for directions to the golf course. We soon arrived, and we realised there was 2 courses to choose from. One is like fun mini golf with obstacles and stuff, the other one the Fairways course is like real golf but on a mini scale. We went for the first one. Both are included in the Ultimate pass so we didn't have anything to pay, but we bought ourselves a wee drink to have as we went round as it was SO HOT. I thought the names we got were cute

This was a fun course, although I was pretty rubbish!

Robert's ball ended up in the reeds lol!

This is the view from the golf course -

So that was fun, but it was really so so hot and ther was very little shade as we went round. In the end, Robert won with 61 points versus my 70, pah!

After golf we decided to head back to the resort, so we walked back and it only took about 10 minutes. We were starting to get hungry by this point so we decided to visit the kiosk on the Boardwalk, although in hindsight I really wish I'd gone to the bakery instead.

I got a foot long corndog which was tasty -

And Robert had a chilli dog with some chips.

I also fancied something sweet ( bakery, duh!) so I went and bought some twinkies from the shop on the boardwalk.

We had intended eating this then going down to the pool, but we both ended up falling asleep at about 3.30! When we woke at 5.30, the rain was just starting. The plan was to chill out for a bit and then head out to get dinner in Lake Buena Vista. Robert wanted something huge and American.

We chilled for a bit then got ready to go out, but the rain was still absolutely hammering down, with thunder and lightning going on continuously so by about 7.30 we decided to ditch our plans and just order in pizza. We ordered papa johns and it arrived about 8.30. I had to go down to the lobby and wait at the door for it. There was still loads of people coming and going in the rain - I suppose if you're only there for a few days like many Americans then you just have to stick on your poncho and get on with it!

Our pizza was huge, we ordered far too much food!

Pizza -
Cheesy garlic bread sticks -
Chicken wings -

It was delicious but we barely made a dent in it! Jaws was on TV so we watched that, then some Modern Family. Robert fell asleep about 10.30 and I followed shortly after.

Highlight of the day - being back in Epcot!! Feels like home to me!

Food of the day - Papa Johns cheesy bread sticks with the garlic dip. Mmmmmm!!

Thanks so much for reading! xox