Disneymoon dining report days 16-22

Friday, 5 September 2014

The following morning we were rather sleepy and didn't manage to make it up in time for breakfast in the hotel. We ended up just going down to the kinda market place shop / smoothie bar inside the hard rock hotel and got some stuff.
I had cereal and water.
Robert got a giant smoothie.
Later as we were leaving universal I got a popcorn which I ate in the car on the way back to the other hotel.

This seemed to unleash my appetite and by the time we arrived back at our hotel I was starving. So was Robert, so we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut in the hotel lobby. It was really good, I had the pepperoni half.
Much later in the evening we went a second trip to Walmart to get some bits and bobs before heading home (we still had 5 full days but 3 were on the cruise).
Lots of this was sweeties for Robert's workmates but some of it was mine too, yum yum!
We then popped to the outlets at Vineland to buy more jeans and stopped for dinner at the food court.
Robert went to Chicken Wow (he tells me that's what it was called, I'm not 100% sure). He got chicken with mash fries and gravy. The chicken was good he said, and he got more than he paid for, but the fries weren't great.
I went to the Chinese place. I think I had bourbon chicken and sesame chicken but can't remember for sure. It was pretty tasty whatever it was, but could maybe have done with some more sauce.

The next day was my birthday - yipee!!! My traditional birthday breakfast is always French toast and bacon, so I decided we should head to IHOP that morning to have my usual.
I ended up with way more than just French toast and bacon though, and everything was great. I think was maybe the split decision breakfast, and I subbed the pancakes for French toast.

Robert got an omelette with sausage and cheese and he couldn't believe the size of it. (Really, after 2 weeks in America?!)
My special birthday meal that evening was Be Our Guest - the must have hard to get reservation! Although I actually got my reservation with no problems amazingly.
We started out with the charcuterie board. This was reallllllly good, everything was delicious. I didn't want to fill up too much on the bread but it was all so delicious we couldn't help ourselves!
My main meal had been decided many months prior to this day, I went for the pork chop with the macaroni gratin. Which was lovely. The pork wasn't quite as good as the pork in House of Blues but the macaroni gratin more than made up for that. I ended up pretty full and I left some of my meat in favour of the pasta. It was so creamy and cheesey and delicious.
Robert went for a steak and his review was "it was good" with a smile and an enthusiastic nod. This is high praise from Robert.
I was so stuffed but our server brought me a little birthday card with a little blob of the grey stuff. It's delicious - if you don't believe me ask the dishes!
He also brought round the desert trolley and Robert chose to have a full size grey stuff cake. He didn't need to ask the dishes, he agreed it was lovely.

The following morning was cruise day! We didn't bother with breakfast, but I think I might have had another lunchables for while we were driving to Port Canaveral.
Once on board we headed up for the sail away party and I had a wee cocktail - not sure what exactly it was, it was some kind of ocean themed thing. Robert went for beers, just for a change.
I don't actually have any food pics from that day - it was all buffet food which is never particularly photogenic.
The following evening was our first proper sit down meal of the cruise. First up they brought us a bread basket with a variety of rolls. As usual I didn't want to fill up too much but I couldn't resist one.
For appetiser, Robert went for spicy alligator fritters. Unfortunately when it arrived the fritters were a bit like bhajis and were full of onion which Robert HATES. They also came with a bowl of crispy onions so it was left untouched.
I went for vegetable spring rolls which were tasty.
Roberts main course was southern fried chicken but it came on the bone and he wasn't Into that either. I don't seem to have a picture.

I had prime rib and it was delicious! I didn't want it to end! It came with a jacket potato with sour cream and bacon topping, and onion rings as you can see.
After dinner we relaxed on the deck with a wee drink. Mango daiquiri and johnny walker red label.

Food the following day was more buffet selections until our evening meal.
At dinner, I started with a bahama mama. This was ok but a wee bit too coconutty for me!
We both had the tomato and mozzarella stack as our appetiser, and it was pretty tasty.
Robert went back to his usual burger -
And I had pork in breadcrumbs which came with roasted vegetables and these lovely wee tiny chopped potatoes.
We were both too full again for pudding, but I grabbed some cheesecake from a buffet bar later on.
Back to disneyworld the next morning and as we arrived at the hotel I remembered there was a mcdonalds nearby and we popped in there for breakfast. We both got a sausage and egg mcmuffin meal, which came with a hash brown. Robert had coffee, I had diet coke.

Later in the day we were relaxing on the balcony before heading to Yachstman for dinner so I popped down to get a cocktail at the pool bar. I got a mango margarita which had yummy passion fruit foam on top.
Yachstman steakhouse was my most looked forward to meal of the holiday, saving the best for last really :) it lived up to my expectations and we had a lovely final evening.
As usual I had a cocktail, opting for another blue glowtini. Yet again I forgot to take a pic before drinking some!
Now the bread service here is half the reason I booked it, and oh my gosh it was simply amazing. They gave us 2 types of bread but I only tried the pull apart onion rolls because a. They were amazing and b. I left the other kind for Robert the onion hater.
It was served with roasted garlic and salted butter. I've never had roasted garlic served like this before but it was unbelievable. It was so well cooked that it spread on the bread like butter. Paired with the onion bread, it was heaven.

We skipped an appetiser in favour of a side dish to go with our mains - the famed mac and cheese with truffle oil. At this point my disney food stalking paid off because I knew the mac n cheese came with onion strings on top so I asked for those to come on the side for Robert's sake. Can't believe it but I don't actually have a photo of this! It was really delicious though and went well with the steaks. Again I was worried that the truffle may have been too strong but it wasn't too overpowering as the cheeses were strongly flavoured too.
Onto the mains - I chose the filet mignon, medium rare, which should have been served with mash and a Cabernet sauce. I asked however to switch it for the sides that came with the strip steak, which was a white cheddar twice baked potato (yum) and a brandy peppercorn sauce (double yum). This steak was amazing, I was genuinely sad when it was finished despite being stuffed. It was perfectly cooked, so tender it would melt in your mouth and deliciously seasoned.
Robert choose the New York strip which came with the same accompanyments as I had switched to. I just asked Robert how this was and he said "it was dead good". So there.
After dinner we were so full so I opted for another glowtini in place of dessert, but the server brought us a little plateful of treats because he knew we were on honeymoon.
While this was lovely and thoughtful, I have to be honest and say I only ate them because I didn't want to leave them and I was so full they were a bit wasted on me - I can't actually remember what any of them tasted like.
Overall the meal was just amazing. Very expensive but worth it for a special occasion in my opinion. The service was great and everything we had was delicious.

Last day now! :(
We checked out and decided to chill at the Animal kingdom lodge pool before heading to the airport. We popped into the Mara for a bite to eat and I opted for the BBQ chicken flatbread. This was really good and had loads of coriander (cilantro) on it, which I love. It seems to be a bit of a love/hate herb though so if you are a hater I'd advise to ask for it without!
Robert went for an Angus cheeseburger with bacon. Not much to say about that.
At Tampa airport we decided to head into chillis for a drink while we waited for our flight. I went for a classic marg on the rocks, and a yuengling for Robert.

While waiting I started to get a bit hungry again so we got an appetiser sampler to share. We got mini burgers, buffalo wings and chicken tenders which I think were honey BBQ or similar. It was all really nice and very reasonable for airport prices.
The return airline food was pretty rubbish. It was chicken curry and not nice at all although Robert seemed to enjoy his!
The wee lemon cake was quite tasty though.
And that's the last of my honeymoon eating and drinking!! :(
However, a few days after getting home I got to enjoy this wee treat that I had picked up in the Mara. I wish I'd known how good these were and I would have brought more home!
My last little taste of Disney magic -
Thanks for reading folks, hope you've enjoyed following the expansion of my waistline.
I'll be starting my trip report soon although I think that will be far more time consuming so I wouldn't hold your breath!
Jilly xx

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  1. Loved your Dining Report, thanks for sharing. Saw a couple of our favourites too (Beaches and Cream, Millers Ale House).

    Really hope you do a trip report too :) Looks like you were at Boardwalk, Hard Rock and Animal Kingdom Lodge? Also would love to hear about your cruise! I saw the Disney ship through the window so wondering if you sailed Carnival or Royal - we had a great trip on Freedom of the Seas last year.