Disneymoon dining report - days 1-3

Monday, 1 September 2014

Well it was never my intention to share our honeymoon trip report on my blog, because I think the people of The Dibb and the orlando Facebook groups are the only ones who understand the lunacy of taking pictures of everything you eat and do and posting it on the internet for others to drool over, but I've been left with no choice. My bandwidth allowance on photobucket has reached maximum and my photos will no longer display when I post them on the dibb. So the blog it is!
I decided it was about time to start my food report and my trip report, mainly because I gave up on notes about half way through the trip so I'm relying on my memory alone so need to do it before I forget everything! I was pretty good at taking pics of most things I ate, but was pretty useless at keeping track of prices, sorry!
Food report first because it's less time consuming!
So first up was our plane food on the Glasgow to Gatwick flight

Then we had our main meal on the gatwick to Tampa leg. We both chose the sausage and mash. The mash looked kinda horrible but it was actually lovely! It also had this lovely wee salad with it, which was really fresh and tasty.
Later in the flight we got the afternoon tea where we both chose coronation chicken (actually I think they had run out of the other option, which I think was egg, by the time they got to us). I enjoyed this! It came with a kit kat.

On arrival night we popped into Epcot. We had a wander round and enjoyed a cocktail but amazingly I haven't got a picture of it! I took pictures of pretty much everything else that crossed my lips!
After the fireworks we walked to ESPN for a bite to eat.
I had Philly cheesesteak sandwich and a glowtini

Obviously I had drunk some before I remembered to take the pic.
Robert had a burger.

My meal was DELISH! Robert said his burger was alright. Neither of us managed all the chips.
First day breakfast was Crystal Palace. Our appetites really let us down here! I planned to go up for a second plateful but I had to force myself to have a second plate with a waffle and some stuffed French toast. Everything was delicious!

We got a cupcake here because we had added our honeymoon celebration to the reservation. Both too full to eat it so the server gave us a cup to put it in.
Unfortunately when I opened it later it looked like this haha. Embarrassingly I have to admit that I used a tea spoon to scrape out all the icing later on haha.

Back at the room we got ready to go watch the World Cup, and had a wee drink while we were getting ready.
We went to ESPN again to watch the football. Robert had beers, I had margaritas.

Then we ordered some wings each, we still weren't hungry enough for a full meal. I had boneless, Robert had boney ones. Both very tasty.

The following morning I went to the boardwalk bakery and grabbed a milk and banana for breakfast. Robert had banana and coffee.
I took a picture of their cake cabinet while I waited in the queue. The cupcakes were enormous! I'm annoyed now that I never got round to trying any of the treats here, but the first week my appetite was so rubbish and I felt queasy a lot of the time :(

About 11am we got a jalapeƱo pretzel each at animal kingdom. Clearly I couldn't wait to take a bite hehe :)

Thanks for reading ... More coming soon :)