Disneymoon dining report day 3-5

Monday, 1 September 2014

Continued from previous post...
That evening we were due to go to California grill but I felt unwell and cancelled it. I could have made it through the meal but I didn't want to spend $150 or more on a meal when I wasn't feeling great. We still wanted to eat somewhere though and headed out to Longhorn steakhouse in LBV. I had to go to the bathroom about 4 times because I felt so queasy but was never actually sick. Was glad I had cancelled CG.
They served us honey oat bread to start. This was so nice but I didn't want to fill up too much. It helped sooth my queasiness a little.
Robert got a starter of cheese stuffed jalapeƱos. These were tasty but an unusually small portion for American dining.
We both ordered fillet steak and upgraded to a speciality side of mac n cheese. I had mine with Caesar salad and Robert, being a comedian asked if he could sub his salad for a "glesga salad". The waitress obviously was confused and Robert explained he meant chips. This was fine. My salad was really lovely. Nice and fresh and lovely crunchy croutons.

This plate seems to look really greasy but I don't remember it being like that. It was delicious anyway, the steak was tender and cooked perfectly and the mac n cheese was flavourful and nicely crisped on top. Great meal here.
The next morning was Epcot. We had a breakfast platter from Sunshine Seasons. We both had the same. I wasn't so keen on the biscuit, Robert wasn't keen on the French toast. It was slightly sweet.
We got lunch at a kiosk on the boardwalk and took it back to the room.
I had a foot long corn dog and Robert got a chilli dog with fries. My corn dog was so tasty! Robert said his hot dog was alright.
I also had bought twinkles in the general store and ate these after my corndog. In hindsight I should have gone to the boardwalk bakery for a sweet treat but I didn't even think at the time!

Plan that evening was to go to Ale house or somewhere similar but around 5pm there was a massive storm and the rain continued all night, so we decided just to order in pizza from papa johns instead.
We got chicken wings, a medium pizza and a cheesey breadsticks which was just as big as the pizza! Everything was delicious but we barely made a dent in it!

The following morning we ate some heated up pizza for breakfast (don't judge, we're on holiday).
At hollywood studios we were SO HOT and had some time to kill before a fast pass was valid so decided to pop in for a drink. We went to the Hollywood Brown Derby lounge, which was lovely and shaded. I ordered a magical star cocktail and Robert had a magic hat number 9 beer. The waitress came back and served our drinks. Then about 5 minutes later a guy came over and handed me another cocktail and said "THIS is how you do a magical star properly". So I got a freebie cocktail because the girl had apparently done the first one wrong! They were different in colour but tasted much the same. I ended up feeling a bit tipsy!
Beaches and cream was booked for dinner that evening. For drinks I just had diet coke but Robert had a bud light lime.

We both chose the Angus cheeseburger. It was pretty tasty but not as good as some people say. I've read people raving about them. It was a good burger but not a standout.

I was pretty full but Robert went for a caramel sundae. It was really yummy, as I did sneak a few spoonfuls. It wasn't until later that I remembered I had wanted to try the chocolate cake they have here :(

After dinner it was a few drinks round the world - I had a strongbow from the UK. Robert didn't have anything there he was too full. It didn't quite taste right. It was really appley - almost as if someone had added a shot of apple sours to it! Then a margarita from Mexico, Robert had a pint of Dos Equis. Sorry no pics of those lot. And lastly I had a grey goose slush for watching the fireworks.

Robert had a shofferhoffer (excuse spelling) from Germany. It only cost a couple of dollars more so he took it in a souvenir stein. He loved this beer.

After fireworks we went to boardwalk and had a drink in the Big River Grille. Robert tried a couple of the beers, one of which he liked, one he didn't like. Sorry I can't remember the names. I had a strawberry margarita on the rocks.