Disneymoon dining days 6-10

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Next instalment of my food report... No drooling on your keyboards now, but there's lots coming up.

Day The next day was magic kingdom and we didn't bother with any breakfast before heading in, but stopped about 11.30 to get something to eat.

I wanted something slightly healthier so I went for a sandwich (although it was still served with fries haha). The sandwich was huge - it had so much meat in it. It was tasty but my only complaint was that it was freezing cold. I guess obviously they are refrigerated to keep them fresh but the coldness made it slightly uncomfortable to eat!

Crazy amounts of meat!

Robert chose a bacon cheese burger, he said it was pretty tasty.
Later that day we checked into our second hotel and went to Miller's Ale house. We got a zinger mountain melt and a spinach dip with nachos. I wanted to share but Robert wasn't into the dip so I mostly ate that and stole some of Robert's zinger melt.
Drinks wise Robert had magic hat number 9 again, and I had a mango mojito.
We dropped the car back to the hotel (now in a hotel in LBV) and walked to Buffalo Wild Wings. I was feeling a bit queasy again so started off with just water. The cocktail menu was too tempting though and I had a frozen cocktail, I can't remember exactly but I think it was maybe a frozen strawberry and mango margarita. Whatever it was it was delicious!

We popped into goodings while here and got some juice and stuff for the room. I got cereal and milk to have for breakfast the next day. Exciting stuff!
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings again to watch the World Cup final and got some wings each. I had honey BBQ and Robert went for the hottest on the menu - blazing hot. I tried a tiny tiny dab of the sauce on my fingertip and it was SO HOT I have no Idea how anyone could eat and enjoy these. Robert bravely fought his way through the portion and said he had enjoyed them but wouldn't get them again.

Robert's were so hot they came with a warning. That can never be good!

After shopping at outlets we headed to Longhorn for dinner again. We had about a 25 minute wait.
I wanted something slightly healthier again (ie, not fried) so I went for a sirloin salad, this was delicious. It was supposed to come with blue cheese crumbles though but didn't have any. I asked the waitress and she brought a bowl of blue cheese separately. Maybe not so healthy now!
Robert had (I think) Parmesan crusted chicken with fries. He asked again to sub his salad, this time for mash. She said yes but the mash never turned up. He didn't question it because he had plenty to eat already. This was really good - I tasted a bit and the chicken had a lovely flavour, and the cheesey topping was delish! Robert felt it was just too cheesey though (is that even possible!?). He enjoyed it but couldn't manage it all because it was too cheesey. Crazy man.
I guess that is a lot of cheese. And I just said cheese a lot of times!
The next day was our first day at Universal, and we checked into the Hard Rock Hotel for the night. Again we didn't eat breakfast but just waited to have lunch in the park.
We went for Krusty Burgers! I wanted a bacon burger but annoyingly only the double burger had bacon on. Luckily Robert wanted the double burger and was kind enough to donate his bacon to me :)
The queue was crazy in here. There was one massive queue to even get into the food court area. Then when you got to the front you could choose which section you were eating from. The Krusty burger section was busy but I feel sorry for someone who maybe just wanted a salad from the completely empty section of the food court but had to wait in the giant queue anyway. We queued about half an hour at least, the longest queue we waited in all day I think!
They have a seater system where you are led to a seat by a seater and I requested a seat in Mo's Tavern, which we were able to get.
The burgers were really nice, although Robert got annoyed because the man serving them up (they make your food to order at the counter) asked me if I wanted salad and sauce but didn't ask Robert, they just put it on his anyway. He ended up picking most of it off.
This was my burger, with Robert's donated bacon. I had been picking at my fries while waiting to pay so this is only about half of my curly fries.
I don't have a pic of Roberts, it was just the same only bigger. We had a coke and a fanta here too. One thing I noticed at universal was that if you don't specify a drink size they just give you a large. Which were enormous and mostly went to waste. I decided to always state the size but I made the same mistake another day.
The rain came on late afternoon so we headed for drinks at Hard Rock Cafe -
Strawberry mojito and a Sierra Nevada -
Headed back to hotel for Happy hour at Velvet Lounge (5-7pm) -
I had margaritas -
Robert was drinking yuengling but no pics of that.
Had a blue skyy margarita at blue man group, and a popcorn. I didn't ask for the souvenir popcorn bucket but he gave me it (well, charged me for it) anyway. After the show I put my empty cocktail glass into my empty popcorn bucket but managed to put it down somewhere between blue man group and hard rock hotel! Doh!
Back at Velvet Bar in the hotel we ordered some snacks. It was a pretty small menu.
I chose pot stickers which were delicious. I think they were chicken pot stickers but I can't remember for sure!
Robert had chicken wings. He took a bite before I ordered him to stop and let me take a pic hehe.
We also shared some fries which were more like steak chips than French fries but they were alright. Would have preferred skinny chips.
The following morning we were at Islands of Adventure and headed to the Croissant Moon bakery. We just missed breakfast and Robert was disappointed as he fancied the breakfast burrito. We both got a cold sandwichey type thing which came with melon and potato salad. I really enjoyed the potato salad! The sandwiches were both fresh and a nice change from fried food.
I had ham and cheese croissant -
Robert had a sub roll with turkey and cheese
It was BOILING so we stopped for a frozen icee thing.
My blue raspberry one was delicious, and Robert says his was too. I think his may have been strawberry kiwi.
Later that afternoon Robert decided to try a turkey leg which he ate as we hid from the rain. At the time he loved it, but later on he felt really ill and blamed it on how oily it was. They do taste good but seem to be pumped full of oil to keep them juicy.
I went to DTD on my own that night as Robert wasn't feeling great. I initially just went to get food but i ended up wandering round the shops for hours!
I was dying to try the Holiday Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich and oh my goodness it was so worth the giant queue. It has turkey, stuffing cranberry and gravy.
Inside shot - looks like a bit of a car crash but my goodness it was tasty.
I went to the candy place at the marketplace and I couldn't decide so I got all three of these. (No surprise i put on about 10lbs on honeymoon!!) I didn't realise at the time though that big giant Krispy treats that you design yourself (ie choose the chocolate, choose the toppings) were only $1 more than the pre- packeted smaller krispie treats. Would have been better value for money.
I ate the mallow treat when I got back to the hotel, oh gosh it was so good. I had had a great evening of eating between this and my holiday sandwich. I brought Robert back a banana haha.
The following morning we were due to go to the beach and do a dolphin trip but there was a massive storm outside and weather reports said the beach was the same and was due to be like that all day. While we debated what to do I ate half my cupcake for breakfast. I gave Robert the krispie treat.
Bit squished but delish -
Krispie close up -
We headed to the Florida mall and I already knew it would be Five Guys for lunch. These burgers were pretty awesome but I decided today I wasn't eating another burger for the rest of the trip. At the till you could customise your burger with stuff like onions, mushrooms, hot sauce etc. I had onions (and looks like gherkins but maybe they come as standard, I can't remember) on mine, Robert had jalapeƱos and hot sauce I think.
My gosh people are NOT kidding when they say you should share fries. We got large but we didn't even manage them all!
This was them spread over our 2 portions and there was still some in the cup...
Robert declared five guys as the best burger of the holiday. So it definitely lived up to the hype for us.
That evening we walked to Ale House for drinks and dinner. I started with another mango mojito and Robert got a bucket of beers. We asked to just have drinks and order food in a bit coz we weren't very hungry yet.
Eventually we were a bit more hungry so I ordered teriyaki chicken with onion rings (couldn't face more fries! ) this was really nice.
Robert went for chicken fajitas. He enjoyed this but said I do better fajitas at home.
At the end of our meal we were still ordering drinks but our server wanted to cash us out if that was ok because she was finishing her shift. This was fine so we paid up, and then we were passed onto another server.
We only ordered one beer from her that cost $3.25 and I left a 10 on the table. When she came to collect it I said "just take $5" meaning 5 in total. Maybe it's not the phrase they would use in America but it caused all kinds of confusion.
She came back a few minutes later and handed us $1. I looked at her blankly and was like "no, I want 5 back. I said take 5" She said "yeah, you wanted to give me 5 dollars tip?" Eh no, who gives $5 on a $3 beer? Plus if I HAD meant for her to take $5 she still owed me 75c.
If she'd given me the 1.75 I might have believed it was a genuine mistake but I think she was at it. I was a bit tipsy and ranted on about it for ages until Robert told me to give it a rest haha.