Trying out blogsy for photo uploads...

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

If you follow me on twitter or are friends on Facebook you may have witnessed my frustration and annoyance at the hassle I had trying to get all the photos on my wedding post.
First, they were all shocking quality. I discovered I needed to host them somewhere first. So I uploaded them all to photobucket, inserted all the HTML into the post and then updated. And they were all crazy sizes argh!!
My friend Nina commented on Facebook and suggested I try blogsy rather than blog press, so here I am, giving it a go. Just going to upload some random pictures from the last couple of days to see how it works out for me :)
Trying to get back into Slimming World mode.
My lovely wee baby Buttons!

Enjoying some wine we were given at the wedding. Not that that will help me get back in slimming world mode, but hey, only a few days of school holidays left.
My lovely new polka dot coat!! Such a bargain too.

****** The Verdict ******
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blogsy! It took me 5 minutes to compose the above post, it popped all the pictures in and I think it's saved them straight to picasa so I didn't have to manually host them somewhere else first and copy over. It automatically sized them all to the same width, whether it was a landscape or portrait photo. I'm a convert.

Thanks Nina x

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  1. I am pleased you like it. It's like a breath of fresh air compared to blog press!