My amazing hen do!

Friday, 29 August 2014

A few weeks ago, before I got sucked back into real life routines of work, plus French classes plus trying to sort our house back into shape after a wedding whirlwind hit, I promised a post on my hen do, PLUS some wedding snaps from our professional photographers.
Blogging has taken a back seat coz I've been so busy and also unwell (the usual back to school germs hitting!) but I've decided this weekend to get a few posts up about wedding/honeymoon etc.
Sooo - the hen do!
My bridesmaids planned everything completely themselves - my only input was that they surprise me and that no strippers were involved. And they did the BEST JOB!!
It was kept a surprise literally until the day of the hen do when I walked in the door of the first venue! And it was so so perfect. I couldn't have arranged it better if I had planned it myself. There was so many little details and fun ideas!

They also amazingly arranged for one of my long distance besties (who neither of them actually know) to come up from Essex for the weekend.
On the Saturday of the hen do I was to be at the secret venue by 3pm, and they only text my fiancé the address about an hour before incase he somehow managed to spill the beans!
Ready to go!

I got my dress from a place called British Retro and I loved it so much! I wore a pink petticoat underneath and it just felt so special and pretty! My Minnie veil was brought back from America by a friend for me.

This was just outside the venue, which I was delighted to discover was a place called Cushion and Cake, which is a crafty cafe where they run classes and parties, as well as serving delicious afternoon teas! Right up my street!
The afternoon tea was delicious, and we got to make lovely painted canvas bags so we all had something pretty to take home.
The bag I designed for using on honeymoon :)
Bottles of cocktails! (It was BYOB)

Even the shots were pretty!!

At one point in the afternoon I went to the toilet and came back to be faced with this... Haha!! Robert masks.
This was my initial reaction when I walked out -

Hehe! It was a great afternoon but I was still in the dark about what the rest of the afternoon and evening held!
About 6pm we caught taxis and headed to our next venue, which was Hummingbird in Glasgow. We had a 3 course meal with cocktails and wine, before heading upstairs to a private karaoke room! We did some silly games up here, it was such a laugh! I didn't want the night to end. I only have a couple of pics of the evening part on my ipad sorry...

Another little detail the girls thought of! We all had one of these on our glasses :)
It was seriously the most fantastic day, and I was (am!) so grateful to my girls for planning it so perfectly!!
In other news... Our wedding dvd arrived yesterday so tonight our plan is to watch that and have a wee glass of wine! I'm feeling a bit unwell (again) and feels like I have a throat infection working on me so may have to give the wine a miss but wedding DVD is DEFFO on the agenda. So excited to relive our day again!

Anyway, i'll stop rambling, thanks for reading :)