Back to school sewing...

Friday, 8 August 2014

Another of my goals for this year is to properly learn to sew, and eventually be able to make myself skirts and dresses. I've had my sewing machine a good few years now but the most exciting project it's seen was some pretty amateur Christmas stockings 3 Christmases ago. Aside from that it's only been used for quick repairs. I have a lot to learn so I figured I'd start with something small and easy to do!
If you put zip pouch sewing into google you have a whole host of tutorials to follow along with but I used this one from Design Mom.
I decided I wanted to add some decor on the front of my pouch so I just kinda cut some fabric and made that bit up as I went along. I sewed all the details on before sewing my parts together obviously.

I was most proud of how neat my zip looked, considering how fiddly it was trying to make sure the 3 layers or fabric were even. Especially on the side with the bow because it stopped it from lying flat.
The next tricky part was knowing what way to fold the zipper ends when you are sewing around the whole pouch. This probably won't even make sense unless you've done one yourself, but when it was all folded inside out it was so hard to imagine what way the zipper needed to be sewn in at the ends!
In the end I folded them the right way, although it's still not 100% perfect at that part. All in all I'm very pleased with my little creation, it looks so fancy with its lining and little bow! Not bad for a first attempt at sewing in over 3 years!

Perfect for going back to work next week although I am kinda trying to avoid thinking about that....