August Blog Challenge day 2 - 20 Facts About Me

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hmmm this is a hard one to be honest because I don't think I have anything particularly interesting to share. It's gonna be a bit of a mundane post I would guess, but here goes.
Keeping with the theme of the photo I've chosen to include, il start with these...
1. I love love love anything Disney. Movies, the disney parks, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel. The songs, the fireworks displays etc etc. Just love it all.
2. Following on from that one, I moved to Florida in 2006 to work for Mickey Mouse. I did a 2 month programme and then a year long programme working in Magic Kingdom, then EPCOT. Best. Time. Ever.
3. You will regularly find me just hanging around the house with some Minnie Mouse ears on. Nobody even bats an eyelid anymore haha.
Ok, so moving on from the disney theme...
4. I don't like any hot drinks. This amazes a lot of people when I'm offered a tea or coffee but I just don't like either.
5. I have a birthmark about the size of a 2p on my hip, and I've always quite liked it.
(See I told you these would be mundane)
6. I have a strange aversion to things you can't count. (Yes I'm a weirdo). For example, the thought of counting the grains of sand on the beach makes me feel a bit queasy.
7. As do speckles and speckled birds/cats.
8. I have broken one bone in my life, my ankle. While I was living in America! That was expensive!
9. Christmas dinner is my favourite meal of the year. Mmmm mmm mmmm!!
10. I'm a very anxious person who always assumes the worst in every possible situation. Eg, Robert is 10 minutes late - he must have had a horrific accident. A friend cancels a lunch date - they must hate me and think I'm a terrible friend. My boss wants me to pop to her office - i must be getting sacked. It gets tiring...
11. I love naps. Naps fix everything. I have to avoid them though because I already don't sleep great at night so naps can only happen on non school nights.
12. I worked abroad for 5 summers in my early twenties, on the Greek Islands of Crete and Zante.
13. I'm the least domesticated wife you could ever imagine. I'm trying to get better though.
14. I love music festivals (Glastonbury!!!) but I haven't been to any in a few years due to saving for a house and wedding.
15. One of my favourite things is getting in a bath full of bubbles and just soaking for hours, with a magazine or book and a can of diet coke.
16. I am full of great intentions (eg learning to make clothes, becoming an amazing photographer, keeping a regular blog) but really rubbish at following through on things.
17. I love lists - I literally couldn't function without my daily / weekly lists, both at work and at home.
18. I'm a bit obsessed with notebooks and other pretty stationery. Paperchase is always your best bet if you want to buy me a present.
19. I've wanted a bike for a few years now and I've just finally got a lovely pink vintage style bike with a cute little basket. I love it!
20. This post couldn't go without a mention for the love of my life. Robert, who I met almost 4 years ago and became my husband just a month ago, is my world. He makes me laugh every day, he keeps me sane when I'm feeling anxious, and gives me support in everything I do. He's amazing and I'm so proud to say he is my husband :)

So there you go, that's a little bit about me.

Are you doing the blog challenge? Leave me a note in the comments so I can pop by and learn 20 facts about you!


  1. I love your facts!!!! You could never be mundane. X

  2. I love that you wear minnie mouse ears at random times! If I had some then i'd probably wear them too! I'm also obsessssssed with Paperchase :) We have so many things in common!