Meet Buttons :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Well it's been a long time (hey haven't I heard that somewhere before?) so I thought what better way to get back into blogging than to introduce the new little baby in my life.

This is Buttons, who is a little baby mini lop rabbit. We have just moved into our first home that we own, and as we both love animals, had been thinking about getting another hamster. I'd love a dog but its just not practical with the hours we work. But after Crumpet being such an awesome little hammie, we didnt think another would be as good. So it was a bit of a spur of the moment decision to get a bunny instead! We did some reading up, made sure we definitely wanted to deal with the commitment of a bunny, spent a lot of money at Pets at Home, and woohoo, 5 days later we brought home our baby Buttons.

Isn't she just the cutest??!



  1. :) your bunny is so cute, I have one called Steve he will be 1 in April got him as an anniversary present off the hubby :) I am the person who started the thread on theDIBB. Glad I got you back blogging
    Check out my page

  2. So cute and fluffy! I found you from the dibb too, it's nice to see some of us outside of it!