Schools out for summer!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Fastest year ever. I can hardly believe my probation year is over, and my 32 wee primary 7 darlings are all away to high school! It's been a tough year, but I survived and also came away with a permanent job in the same local authority. Woohoo! I won't be in the same school, so I'm sad to be leaving but I'm so so happy I have a job because there's so many unemployed teachers at the moment. Having the job in place means I can plan our wedding without stressing about looking for a job, and also means we (hopefully) shouldn't have any worries when it comes to applying for a mortgage next year! 

Because I got the job, meaning we have a bit more financial security, we decided we could get away for a wee last minute cheapy holiday. We only booked it a week before we left so it was all very exciting! 

We went to Stalis on the Greek island of Crete, and enjoyed the most relaxing week ever. Just lazing by the pool, wandering along the beach, eating some yummy dinners and enjoying lots of cocktails. Bliss! 

First drink of the holiday in Glasgow airport. 

Last day :( 

Stunning views on the route to the airport. 

And we're back in Scotland :( 

Coming back from holidays to Scotland is usually fairly depressing, but although we wished we were still in Crete, we were so lucky to come home to glorious sunshine! Which lasted for the next 5 days. Today is the first day it's been a bit grey, but its still reallllllly hot. Robert is back at work today too, and I have lots of organising and tidying to do. Fun!!