Back to blogging...

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Well hello! Long time no blog! This last year has been crazy busy but over the past few weeks I've been getting back into reading blogs, and want to start doing some blogging of my own again!

 Lots has happened since my last post about our trip to Disneyland Paris.

Lets have a quick photo run down...

We went to Paris for new year.


We went there as boyfriend and girlfriend, but while in Disney, this happened!!!

 We had such a good trip, I loved getting a Disney fix, and Robert enjoyed disney more than he thought he would :) 

I didn't have the blues too much when I got back because I had a wedding to plan woohoo!! 

Within a few weeks we had set a date, July 5th 2014 :) I'm so in love with our gorgeous venue! 

It's stunning and the food is AMAZING! In fact they're bringing out a cookbook soon! 

We also won an engagement photo shoot, I think il save those pics for a separate post but here's a sneaky peek...

In March we had an engagement party with all our family and friends. It was so awesome and everyone was so generous with gifts. We were so overwhelmed! 

Aside from those big events, my year has pretty much involved work, work and more work! 

My induction year has gone sooo fast and as of 26th June I may be unemployed. Currently firing job applications off left, right and center so hopefully something will come up. Luckily as a teacher there's always supply work to fall back on. 

I plan to be sharing some more of my wedding planning here on the blog so I'm hoping to have lots of exciting stuff to share soon :D and maybe some everyday stuff too :) 

Its good to be back :)