Oh this year we're off to sunny Spain... (picture heavy!)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Well actually, this year we've been to sunny Spain. How come the wait to go on holiday seems to last forever, then the 2 weeks you're away go so so fast?? Despite the holiday seeming to go faster than the speed of light, it was so good. So relaxing, so hot and soooo much tasty food. We were staying with my mum and dad at their house in Algorfa, in the south of Spain.

My mum...

Mum, dad and Robert

A feast of steak, ham, bacon, cheese and eggs on top of a mountain of chips... (this was Robert's)

The view from the balcony

Guardamar market

The best steak ever, you cooked it yourself at the table...

We went to stay in Alicante for the night, and this was the view from our hotel room! stunning!

I was craving a crepe allllll day...

a mojito slush!

I was trying to be funny and make it look like Robert had a lemon for a head.. teehee!

The long underground tunnel we had to walk along to get to the lift up to the castle
 View from the top...

Funny, (or little bit scary story actually!) when I stepped close to the ledge to take this pic, I lost my footing in a little dip on the paving, and literally nearly fell over the side of the castle. The "barrier" of the ledge was only up to my knees so I could so easily have fallen over, I got such a fright.

Back in Algorfa, Robert cooking up a BBQ...

If I lived in Spain I would get so fat coz Allioli is toooo damn tasty and is perfect with crusty loaf

On our last day we went to some mini golf... I actually got a hole in 1 on this crazy twirly shot! Total fluke though coz it took about 6 goes on the night round :(

I think this actually says Miss Tilly but I thought it looked like Jilly...

I forgot to take the camera out on our last night, I was so annoyed! But I did manage to get a couple of iphone pics that i'll share eventually.

But its back to reality now, and July is a superbusy month for us. Ive just started my new summer job, we're moving house, and then I have birthday celebrations happening for my big Three-Oh. Scary, busy and a big bit exciting!

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  1. What beautiful photos!! Looks like SUCH a lovely trip. Now I want to go to Spain! Haha. The food looks sooooooo good.