Happy 50 posts to me! 30 before 30 update...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Well it's only taken me about 2 years but i've finally reached 50 posts! It's hardly a big achievement, considering when I catch up with some of the blogs I read, other people post about 50 times a month! But lets not compare, I am pleased about it because reaching 50 blog posts was just 1 of the things I had listed on my 30 before 30 list. So yay!!

Onto the list....Now, this list was written before I was even accepted for the PGDE course, so realistically it's been impossible to complete the whole thing - for both financial reasons and the lack of spare time. I did edit my list slightly after getting accepted, because I knew expensive trips to Disney etc, would be out of the question, but to be honest i'm totally ok with the fact that I've only completed a small portion of my list. The point of the list was basically just to identify things I wanted to learn, experience or try, or goals I wanted to achieve, but it was all very personal to me, I wasn't doing it for anyone else. One of my goals was to leave my job, and on the updated list, to complete the PGDE, and I have to be honest, if those were the only ones I had done I would be happy, because those are the ones that would change my life, and also be the biggest achievement for me!

I have about a month and a half before I turn 30, so I may manage to squeeze a few more in, but I'm away on holiday for 2 weeks (which ticks off another 1!) and then preparing to move house, so the list is likely to stay as it is...

So here goes....

1. Cycle round Millport - Not done 
2. Leave my job - Done! Yay!!! 
3. Take Glasgow bus tour - Not done but hope to do in the summer
4. Visit a Casino - Nope.
5. Go to a football match with Robert - Done! All wrapped up for the football...

6. Go to Largs and play penny arcades - Not yet but intend to do it after holiday! 
7. Stay in a yurt - Nope :( 
8. Go first holiday with Robert - Off to Spain on Saturday woohoo! 
9. Take lots of pictures and learn to use DSLR - Have taken lots of pics, but haven't really learned to use it properly. 
10. Make something I can wear - Yep! made the scarf i'm wearing in the above picture. But then I lost it :( 
11. Learn hello in 50 languages - Work in progress - taking my list on holiday to learn by the pool!
12. Create an art wall - Work in progress, been buying prints etc but not hung anything yet.
13. Move out of parents house - Yes! Moved out last July. 
14. Bake pretzel bread - Not yet but I have all the ingredients in, hope to do it after my holiday
15. Reach 50 blog posts - Yes!! This is 51! 
16. Reach my goal weight - Nope :( 
17. Start meditation - Kinda, used some meditation relaxation exercises to help me sleep while I was on placement.
18.  Complete Post Graduate Diploma in Education - ie, become a primary teacher - Yes yes yes!!! best and most important item on this list. 
19. Take up running - Nope, just had no time to dedicate myself to this :( 
20. Have picnics - Yep! 
21. Give up alcohol for 1 month - Fail
22. Start healthy recipe set - Not complete, but its a work in progress!
23. Go to Sapporo Teppanyaki in Glasgow - Done! We went there to celebrate our first anniversay of when we started dating. 
24. Grow my own peppers - Fail, and no chance of this now.
25. Make a cheese fondue - Not yet but planned for when we get back from Spain.
26. Start watercolour sketchbook - Yup! Might share pics soon when I get a bit better!
27. Learn to embroider - I've learnt the basics, so I guess I can tick this one off :) 
28. Learn to crochet - Again, not an expert but i've mastered the basics! 
29. Start a journal - Done :) 
30. Visit a Michelin starred restaurant - Plan to do this when we get deposit back on our rented flat.