Happy 50 posts to me! 30 before 30 update...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Well it's only taken me about 2 years but i've finally reached 50 posts! It's hardly a big achievement, considering when I catch up with some of the blogs I read, other people post about 50 times a month! But lets not compare, I am pleased about it because reaching 50 blog posts was just 1 of the things I had listed on my 30 before 30 list. So yay!!

Onto the list....Now, this list was written before I was even accepted for the PGDE course, so realistically it's been impossible to complete the whole thing - for both financial reasons and the lack of spare time. I did edit my list slightly after getting accepted, because I knew expensive trips to Disney etc, would be out of the question, but to be honest i'm totally ok with the fact that I've only completed a small portion of my list. The point of the list was basically just to identify things I wanted to learn, experience or try, or goals I wanted to achieve, but it was all very personal to me, I wasn't doing it for anyone else. One of my goals was to leave my job, and on the updated list, to complete the PGDE, and I have to be honest, if those were the only ones I had done I would be happy, because those are the ones that would change my life, and also be the biggest achievement for me!

I have about a month and a half before I turn 30, so I may manage to squeeze a few more in, but I'm away on holiday for 2 weeks (which ticks off another 1!) and then preparing to move house, so the list is likely to stay as it is...

So here goes....

1. Cycle round Millport - Not done 
2. Leave my job - Done! Yay!!! 
3. Take Glasgow bus tour - Not done but hope to do in the summer
4. Visit a Casino - Nope.
5. Go to a football match with Robert - Done! All wrapped up for the football...

6. Go to Largs and play penny arcades - Not yet but intend to do it after holiday! 
7. Stay in a yurt - Nope :( 
8. Go first holiday with Robert - Off to Spain on Saturday woohoo! 
9. Take lots of pictures and learn to use DSLR - Have taken lots of pics, but haven't really learned to use it properly. 
10. Make something I can wear - Yep! made the scarf i'm wearing in the above picture. But then I lost it :( 
11. Learn hello in 50 languages - Work in progress - taking my list on holiday to learn by the pool!
12. Create an art wall - Work in progress, been buying prints etc but not hung anything yet.
13. Move out of parents house - Yes! Moved out last July. 
14. Bake pretzel bread - Not yet but I have all the ingredients in, hope to do it after my holiday
15. Reach 50 blog posts - Yes!! This is 51! 
16. Reach my goal weight - Nope :( 
17. Start meditation - Kinda, used some meditation relaxation exercises to help me sleep while I was on placement.
18.  Complete Post Graduate Diploma in Education - ie, become a primary teacher - Yes yes yes!!! best and most important item on this list. 
19. Take up running - Nope, just had no time to dedicate myself to this :( 
20. Have picnics - Yep! 
21. Give up alcohol for 1 month - Fail
22. Start healthy recipe set - Not complete, but its a work in progress!
23. Go to Sapporo Teppanyaki in Glasgow - Done! We went there to celebrate our first anniversay of when we started dating. 
24. Grow my own peppers - Fail, and no chance of this now.
25. Make a cheese fondue - Not yet but planned for when we get back from Spain.
26. Start watercolour sketchbook - Yup! Might share pics soon when I get a bit better!
27. Learn to embroider - I've learnt the basics, so I guess I can tick this one off :) 
28. Learn to crochet - Again, not an expert but i've mastered the basics! 
29. Start a journal - Done :) 
30. Visit a Michelin starred restaurant - Plan to do this when we get deposit back on our rented flat.

Hey, check me out - I'm a teacher :D

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Well, its been a long hard 10 months, but I've made it through to the other side, and I'm now a newly qualified teacher :)

I've survived 3 placements, the last of which was a MAJOR challenge for me, and at times I was even doubting my own ability to make it through. I made it through 4 assessments, which i'm chuffed to say I passed on the first attempt at each.

I've worked crazy long days, spent hours reading, planning, evaluating, assessing (myself and the kids!), and not to forget laminating. So much laminating. It's been stressful, fun, challenging, and a massive learning curve for me, but i'm so pleased to say I've finished my PGDE, ready to start my new career as a primary teacher.

In Scotland we are really lucky in that we have a Teacher Induction Scheme, where we are matched up to a job in one of five chosen (by ourselves) local authorities. This means I don't have the stress of job hunting for another year, and in August this year I'll be starting my probation year, giving me a chance to develop my skills as a teacher before I set out into the competitive business of finding a job. It's amazing that we are given this opportunity, because I can't even imagine what it would have been like to have to have started job hunting while still working on the PGDE. It will be amazing experience, having my own class for the year, and i'm so excited to take on that responsibility!

I'm really chuffed with the school I've been assigned to - I haven't been to visit yet but from the website, the school looks amazing, so i'm really excited. I'm either going to have a p3 or a p7, which the head teacher will decide on when the other probationer and I visit on the 25th June.

Our course closing ceremony took place on Friday. It wasnt a proper graduation ceremony with robes and all, but it was just a celebration of the successful students, and the amazing profession that we are about to enter. It was a chance to dress up, and say congratulations to ourselves and our pals, over a wee glass of wine (or 3) and a strawberry tart. Afterwards I had a light lunch (with cocktails) before a proper evening out with my family, a lovely meal and some drinks. It was a great day, my family are proud of me, my boyfriend is so proud of me, and to be honest I'm so proud of myself, and the day was all about celebrating what I have achieved. :)

Anyway, if you're like me when you're catching up on blog posts, you might be skipping to the pictures, so here goes...

Now the PGDE is over I think its time to focus on losing the double chin...