Thin for 30.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

So this totally happened today...

And this...

And then pizza for dinner. I know that's totally fat behaviour, but this is what's happening tomorrow...

Yup, I'm back on my diet. At the start of the year I was totally motivated for losing weight, I was even doing some exercise which is SO unlike me. Life got in the way though and when things got stressful, planning healthy meals was least of my priorities. But as of tomorrow I'm back on it.

Up until the end of 2011 I was sorta following the weight watchers plan, but I just can't afford the subscription fee at the moment, so I've switched over to good old fashioned calorie counting. The My Fitness Pal app is great for this.. It has a database of foods that covers everything from basic foods, brand names and eating out. I really need to be able to track on the go, or I end up nibbling and not counting it, so having this app on my iPhone is perfect.

I did a big shop from tesco tonight, with lots of healthy options and I've also drawn up a basic exercise plan with a mixture of 30 Day shred, walking and swimming. I hope to start running soon but I'm so unfit so I hope that a few weeks of walking will build my fitness up a bit first.

I'm actually feeling really motivated and excited about this, which is good because diets really don't work if you go into it dragging your heels.

Wish me luck!

Jilly xoxo

Ps, if any of you use my fitness pal, add me as a friend, username is Jillyloves :)