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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Can i start 2012 over? Its been a bit of a write off so far.

I saw in the new year ill with Shingles, and wasn't able to go back to uni until 16th January. Had to have an extension on an essay, and missed a whole week of classes and lectures, which really threw me off. I was back for less than 1 week (and had only handed in that stressfest of an essay a matter of hours!) when I had the bad news about my aunt, things moved quickly with that, and she passed away and we had a funeral to attend, things to help my uncle with. Last week I started my nursery placement which I felt super unprepared for, and managed to catch a cold that's had me feeling crap for the past week. I managed to start a diet which lasted a total of about 8 days, in the hope of losing the 10lbs (yes, 10 freaking pounds) that I put on over Christmas. I think we did 1 big shop the whole of January, so when that was gone we were continually eating take outs, or weird thrown together mash ups of meals. Bit of a shambles really.

I kinda feel that I haven't settled back into real life since the Christmas holidays, despite attempts to get myself organised (that have lasted a matter of days).

Uni wise I can sort of afford to be disorganised at the moment coz I'm on nursery placement which has much much much less work than school placement, but I feel I'm getting myself into lazy habits. Really need to sort that out, particularly because I have 2 more essays and a school placement coming up.

Home wise, Robert has really been holding the fort, keeping the house clean and tidy and making sure I have clean pants... He hasn't even got annoyed with me when I hand him bizarre concoctions of crap food from the freezer either. He's been great at looking after me :)

I feel really unmotivated to do anything. I have ideas and thoughts about things I want to do... But putting them into action is a whole other story! I hate feeling like this.

So my aim for the remainder of February is to get myself organised, and start actually dealing with real life again, instead of taking naps to make it go away. (I think I might have to finally admit that naps don't fix everything)

I plan to :-
*start writing daily to do lists, these really help me get things done.
*start writing a meal plan again.
*track everything I eat with my fitness pal app (more on this soon)
*finish reading my meditation for dummies book, and find time to meditate - I hope this will help me de-stress.
*introduce some exercise into my day - the light nights coming in should make this easier.
*be in bed by 10.30 every weeknight, asleep by 11.15.
*spend less time looking at twitter/Facebook/pinterest etc, use my time more wisely
*tackle some of my uni reading list - try read 1 item per day

Hopefully if I stick to this list il feel a bit more organised and in control of things, as well as de-stressing and looking after myself!

How do you de-stress? Any tips for motivating yourself when things aren't going so great? Please leave me some ideas in the comments :)

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  1. Hello! :)
    Couple of things I found useful were - Mindfulness. (and I hate yoga or meditation normally - but that I can do) There are audio ones I listen to as I don't want to read about it.

    There is also a book called 'getting things done' which uses lists. Most of all, its important to not berate yourself if you don't have a productive day. Giving yourself too much pressure in a days list is not fair on you. :)