A Very Merry Christmas (Long Post Alert!!)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cannot believe that we are almost into January.  I seem to start every blog post with a statement of disbelief about how fast time is passing by -you would think I should be used to it by now, ya know, got my head around the fact that time keeps ticking on.

The past few weeks (or indeed months) have been so busy, I was looking forward to finishing placement so I could have a wee rest, but obviously as soon as uni was done with, I had to start getting organised for Christmas. Between Christmas DIY's and buying pressies, wrapping, food shopping, making visits to family etc etc, there wasn't really much time for rest.

However now Christmas is past, and we are in that strange week between Christmas and new years, when you're never really sure what day it is, and you eat your meals at funny times, i'm really really enjoying being able to relax and spend time with my boy (and my new Kindle that my boy got me for Christmas!). I need to keep reminding myself that I have lots of reading to be catching up on, as well as a 4000 word essay on Inclusion, which is due the week I go back to uni, but I think i'll leave that til next week (i'll still have a full week to do it).

I have taken lots of Christmassy pics of my decorations and tree etc on the DSLR, but unfortunately when my dad returned the camera to me, he didnt return the cable to connect it to the computer, so we're stuck with my iphone pics. ( I used to like my iphone pics for blogging but looking back on older posts, the ones with the proper camera pics really stand out so much better).

The Christmas Tree was first to go up...

 And Roberts pressies for me were the first to go under it!

 I loved watching Christmas movies with only the lights from the tree, so cosy!

Christmas night out with uni pals...

My wreath! Inspiration from here!

Banner for my fireplace.. Inspiration from here..

Pressies all wrapped up and under the tree 

Only 2 sleeps to go!!!

I FINALLY got round to making something on my sewing machine - Stockings all ready for Santa!

Santa (okay, my friend Nicola) gave me a Krispy Kreme donut. You might not understand why this is blog worthy, but we don't get them here in Scotland (only in England over here) so when I can get my hands on one its a happy happy day (and I wonder why i'm a chubster!)

Christmas Eve antics in the pub with members of JLS and Justin Bieber. (not really, but you guessed that, right?)

And then it was Chriiiiiistmas!!!

This year was a bit different from previous years, for both good and bad reasons.  This was my first Christmas that I have spent with my boy (last year we were dating but not actually together on Christmas Day), and even better, our first Christmas waking up together in our wee flat. Despite having a monster hangover, I loved waking up on Christmas with him and opening our pressies by our lovely tree!

We visited Roberts family for a short while in the afternoon, then headed over to my parents to have dinner and spend the evening with them. This part felt a little strange for me, as normally there is about 8 or 9 of us, as we normally spend Christmas day with my Aunt and Uncle and their kids. Sadly this year my auntie has been very ill, and only got out of hospital on the 23rd, so she was far too weak to travel to ours, or to host us at her house. I spoke to my Auntie on the phone though, and she sounded like she'd had a nice day and my uncle had taken care of a lovely Christmas dinner for them, so I was comforted by this. Despite my Aunt being in hospital for such a long time, she still managed to buy us a lovely Christmas present - a kitchen mixer which i TOTALLY need!

I say this every Christmas, but I got really spoiled this year - all the usual treats like smelly stuff, jammies, slippers, LOADS of chocolate and sweets, DVD's. Robert bought me a Kindle, which I'm so in love with (I read a whole book on boxing day because I didnt want to put it down!), my parents gave me vouchers to go shopping, and Roberts parents got me a cosy loungewear DKNY set with hoodie and leggings (they know I love my naps and I think they thought this would be appropriate haha).

I didnt take pictures of all my pressies but here's a couple of my favourites..

The biscuits in this tin are SO divine - it says white choc chip cookies but its so much like White choc chip shortbread, absolutely delicious. 

We haven't any plans for New Years as yet... hopefully we can make some fun plans! 

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I hope so! Any exciting ideas for New Years Eve?? 

Hope you all have fun!