Saturday, 31 December 2011

I've totally been neglecting my crafty stuff recently. Although, being so busy at uni, I havent really had much choice! Aside from my Christmas crafts, and a scarf I knitted, I havent really done anything crafty since the summer!

I thought maybe the K&Co Smash book would get me back into doing scrapbook kinda stuff, so I ordered the lovely pink journal, along with a few wee bits to go along with it. I got it in the middle of November when I was superbusy with uni, but its on my Christmas holiday to-do list to get started on it, so I hope to get some pages done this week and next. (obviously neglecting my essay thats due in less than 2 weeks haha!).

Do you Smash? I'd love to see some other peoples Smash pages :o)


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  1. Woo! I got a smashbook for Christmas! Excited to get started! :)