Uhhh hello?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Anyone still here?? It's been a bit of a ghost town around here lately, life has really taken over and all of a sudden I realise it's been 4 months since I blogged!

I started my post grad in Primary teaching at the end of August and since then life has just been hectic! I knew it was gonna be a busy year, but srsly, the workload is mental. This is my most regular view...

And sometimes even a little bit of this .....

I've had the time broken up between being at uni and being on placement in school, and each come with massive demands. When we're in uni the recommended reading is never ending, and when on placement, every bit of teaching has to be planned, recorded, evaluated and analysed so the paperwork is never ending. I swear I've gone through at least 5 trees the amount of printer paper I've had to use!

Because I've been so busy, life hasn't been particularly exciting although we have had a few things going on, such as Halloween

Robert and I also celebrated our first year together. It seems unreal how much life has changed in a year. Little over a year ago I was single, living with my parents, working in a job I hated and dreaming of training to be a teacher. Then I met Robert and its turned my world upside down, in a good way! Since i met him i applied to and got into uni, so i was able to leave my stupid job. We have our own lovely little home, and although things aren't always easy (what with living off 1 income and the constant stress uni puts on me) it's been the happiest year of my life, and I honestly can't imagine life without my amazing boy. He does so so much for me, supports me in everything I do and I honestly think he's the best thing that ever happened to me. Isn't he cute?? (I took this pic when we were at the open air cinema in August and I think he looks so adorable with my scarf wrapped round his face!)

I have only 9 days left in school, and although I'm enjoying it, and I really will miss my lovely wee class, I'm really really looking forward to the Christmas holidays. We finish up school on 9th December, then have 1 tutorial in uni for handing in our placement files, and then we are off for 4 weeks!!! Although, I do have a massive list of reading to catch up on from before placement, as well as a 4000 word assignment to do for the week we go back, it will be nice to have some free time and relax for a bit. (and not have to be up and out of the house before the sun has even come up!!)

So I've been rambling a bit... I hate posts like this, so much time has passed that there's to much to say but it's hard to include it all without rambling on. So il leave it at that...hopefully I won't leave it so long next time!!

Buh bye... Have a great weekend friends :)