Our happy little home!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Robert is away out this evening to play football, and although I'm supposed to be making a meal plan and writing a to do list, I decided I'd skive off for a little while and take some pics of the flat to share.

I'm so in love with this place already, even before I've added any of my own little touches or done any crafty diy's to make it pretty. It has beautiful high ceilings and cornicing, as well as a lovely bay window and original wooden floorboards. I fell in love with it the minute we walked in for the viewing 2 weeks ago!

Here is our lovely living room...

A closer view of the amazing fireplace (I'm already making plans for how I'm going to decorate the fireplace at Christmas time haha)....

Here is a view from the hall into the living room and bedroom

And here is the bedroom...(ignore the boxes and stuff, not completely finished unpacking those..)

The kitchen... (half of it anyway, the other half is a little messy hehe!)

Isn't it gorgeous!? I love the fact that the hall and bedroom are both yellow, I've been really obsessed with anything yellow lately!

The high ceilings and tall windows in every room make it feel so bright and big, so it feels really spacious considering it's only a 1 bedroom flat. The natural light we get is awesome, and the glow we get in the living-room around sunset is so cozy.

Here's a pic I took on Friday night of the glow from the sunset warming up the room..

The area nearby is really lovely, and we luckily have a pub that serves strongbow approx 10 seconds walk from the front door!

Heres a pic i took today of our view from the front windows. It does help that the weather was stunning today!!

You can probably understand why I'm so happy right now! Hehe!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'm off now to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the sunset while i wait for my boy to come home. Oh, and I'm going to tuck into this.... Yum!!

Byyye!!! xoxo


  1. What a great place! I also am loving yellow lately. And that print is amazing!

  2. Ahhhh I love it! Love the colours and just the shape of the rooms! So pretty.