June - In pictures

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Well hello there! Well didnt June (and most of July) just fly by?? I've had loads on, between festivals, birthdays and house hunting. As well as work and all the usual goings on. Busy Busy! 

Just gonna do a quick recap of June in pictures... coz I have some newer and exciting stuff I want to share! 

Start of June was Roberts birthday. We got dressed up and went into town to the comedy club, was a really fun night. I havent any pictures of Robert though, as he hates having his picture taken. I wore my yummy coral dress that Robert bought me a few months ago to cheer me up :o) 

 His pressies.... 

Star Wars print from this Etsy shop, in a frame from Ikea

A couple of little handmade bits...

a mini foosball table... (in the process of being built)

and this awesome tache card from Marks and Spencer :D 

Later that weekend we went to the West End Festival where we enjoyed a few beverages, and saw one of Roberts friends bands, Selective Service. 

The following weekend I packed up all this stuff....

and went here.....

 for this.... 

 Next up was my beloved Glastonbury.... 

It was pretty muddy... (pic from 2009, but it was even worse than this!) 

This is me and "Ryan Giggs" on route....

No road trip is complete without pork pies....

I was feeling a bit blue after I came home, because the next Glastonbury Festival doesnt take place until 2013, and because I'll be a qualified teacher by then, I wont be able to go :( 

I've become quite obsessed with colourful nails recently... I cant stop buying nail polishes!! 

 And here's a little pic just for the LOL's. Least appealing lingerie advert ever? 

Back into July now... lots of excitement going on - Robert and I finally found a flat we love, and we started moving some stuff in this afternoon, and move in officially tomorrow! I cant believe tonight will be the last night we'll have to spend apart! And it just so happens that tomorrow is my birthday!!! Best birthday present I could have asked for <3 

Pics of our flat coming soon...

Hope you're all having a lovely summer! 

Jilly xoxo

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  1. It looks like June was a pretty awesome month for you. & AHH Paolo Nutini! Love him.

    Gahaha that ad is hilarious.