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Thursday, 2 June 2011

I may not have announced this news on the blog yet, but if you follow me on Twitter (JillyLoves) you might know that me and the boy have decided to move in together!  I'm so so excited, and we've started flat hunting, hoping to move in together in August, to make sure i'm settled for starting teacher training at the start of September.

Because we are only going to have 1 full time income and a student loan, we are just renting for now, and so its likely we wont be able to do much decorating etc. However, if thats where we are going to be for the next year or so, its still reeealllly important to me that our first home together will reflect our personalities and is cosy and homely for us both, so i'll be relying on pretty DIY's and craft projects to make our home our own! I cant wait until we decide on a place to rent and I can start planning colours and ideas!

When I signed up to the Inspiration Workshop on the Gussy Sews blog, and the first prompt was "Handmade", this was the first thing that popped into my head, and so I decided to share with y'all some of my favourite handmade and altered projects that have caught my eye on blogs and Pinterest lately.

First up, THIS adorable pom pom tutorial. So pretty! I've already started collecting bottles and jars to use (for this and other projects!)

THIS big bow pillow DIY... I'm imagining this in a yummy mustard colour!

This awesome Dreamcatcher from The Doe or The Deer

I am so so so in love with this Corkboard map from the Life Blessons blog. Only we would probably try do a world map or map of europe. Isnt it freaking awesome??

Chevron coatrack from The Sweet Survival. love the colours of this!

Lovely altered lantern from You had me at bonjour...

just HOW delightful are these little doily covered jars?? So simple but so pretty!

and lastly, I'm just swoooning over these cutey crochet garlands from Emma Lamb on Etsy. (Ok, im cheating, but my crochet skills leave a LOT to be desired!)

Thats just a few of my favourites, im literally addicted to pinning home inspiration at the moment -  to see what else ive been lusting after, follow me on Pinterest!

Buh Bye for now, friends! Have a super inspirational weekend!

Jilly xo

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!