Weight watchers - week 1

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Right I know I said I'd be back on Wednesday to share how I got on with my first week back on weight watchers, but today was my first weigh in and Im a little bit (ok a lot) excited about how I got on... So im here a day early!

I lost 5lbs!!!

So so happy! I know you always lose more in the first week, but im still awfy happy! Considering my first goal is 7lbs off by rockness on the 10th June, I only have 2lbs more to lose to reach that goal!!

Aside from a few naughty moments at the weekend (think wine and mojitos) I've been trying pretty hard.

I bought a smoothie maker on Saturday so been making yummy healthy fruit smoothies for breakfast. First day we had strawberry and banana, which was lush!

Then the next day i tried blueberry, banana and cinnamon... Also yummy!

I also made some zero point butternut squash soup, it's so easy to make and really filling!

And today, I made the yummiest brunch.... A wrap with hot nutella and banana! I was in heaven, and it was only 7 ww points!!

What are your favourite low fat treats? I'd love to hear!


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  1. That is amazing and I am insanely jealous! I dump 30 bucks a month into a gym membership I mostly just think about using, when I should be trying a program like this! Keep up posted :)

  2. Congratulations. I have been an on again off again WWer for 4 plus years. I am in an on again phase and I am not to happy with myself, but so is life. Congrats again!