Project 365

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I've been wanting to take part in this forever, but without always lugging my camera around, or having a decent camera phone I'd always end up forgetting to take pictures, or the ones i did get were really bad!

Since I got my iPhone 4 weeks ago, I've been taking hundreds of pictures, and so decided it would finally be a good time to start Project 365. If you don't know what project 365 is, it's quite simple, just have to take a picture every day! Simples!

Here's my first 10 days worth of pictures :)

Day 1 - went on a wee trip to the golf driving range with my boy

Day 2 - a connect 4 heart that my boy did for me. I had to break it up so we could play in the garden!

Day 3 - my little crumpet!

Day 4 - first day wearing sandals this summer!

Day 5 - urghhh! This happened at 9am and I had to walk about like that all day :(

Day 6 - little gift left on my desk from my workmate, Emma! How cute!?

Day 7 - little yellow bow that I knitted, and yellow nails. Off to do a night shift! :(

Day 8 - festive pints of cider, out in glasgow for my friend Rachel's birthday

Day 9 - easter bunny from my boy <3

Day 10 - my car gets its first ever wash... Thanks to my boyfriend!

I'll post the next 10 days soon :)


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