a weekend just for me!

Monday, 28 March 2011

This weekend was a bit different from usual, because my boyfriend was away for the weekend on a Stag do in Newcastle. I work long shifts and late nights at work, so I dont see him very much during the week, so normally we spend all weekend together. Even though I missed having him around, I do quite enjoy my own company, and took advantage of having lots of "Me time"

So here's what I got up to -

* I totally BLITZED Google Reader, and got my unread posts from 800+, down to ZERO! GO ME! (This took pretty much all of Friday night and Saturday afternoon!!)

* I went to catch up with 2 of my friends Philippa and Nicola. We talked a lot about babies and weddings. This makes me feel so old!! (but i kinda liked it :D )

* I bought some super cute owl earrings from Polly's Etsy Shop. I volunteer at a Brownie group and my Owl leaders name is Red Owl, so I HAD to have these!

* I painted my nails in my favourite summery colour, and put on a pretty dress that I got last Autumn in the sale, and ive been looking forward to wearing this summer!

* I dyed a dress and a top, using a navy blue fabric dye. I loved them both,and although both were in good condition, their colours had gotten a bit washed out looking. They are currently on the line drying, looking forward to seeing how theyve turned out!

* I planted some seeds to grow peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce! I'm gonna do my bestest not to kill them! They grow in these funny little pods until they have leaves, and then I have to transfer into a bigger tray - I think they look so cute!

* My boy got home from his trip about 7pm tonight, and came over to mine, so I made us a SUPER YUMMY blue cheese and brocolli pasta bake for dinner. It was a Weight Watchers recipe, but you'd never know it, it was so delicious! I have some left over to take to work tomorrow, and I have to be honest, I cant wait to have it again!!

* Then we snuggled, chatted, laughed and wished some more that we were already living together.

* He went home, and I consoled myself with some Reese's Pieces.

*Then I came on here to tell you all what I got up to.

The End. Boooo, that means it's Monday tomorrow.

Hope you all had a fun weekend!

Night night! xox


  1. Looks like you had such a relaxing weekend!
    I cant believe that recipe is Weight Watchers - it looks soo yummy! You've inspired me to pick up a copy of their recipe book :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I got the owl earrings in white. ;]

  3. I was so close to buying those same earrings! I ended up getting the hot pink swallows instead :D

    At first glance, the trays of seedlings look like chocolate pastries! Hahaha, You can tell where MY mind is!