Snapshot Saturday!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

So ummm yeh, its been a while! But hello, I am still here! Things have been so busy recently, but I decided to get back into this by taking part in Yellow Songbirds Snapshot Saturday. I have so many recent pictures, and I will eventually (hopefully) get around to sharing some of those with you, but the one i've decided to share with you is one that I took on a recent trip to Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow.

This museum is the most visited in the UK outside of London, and its just simply stunning. It's set in the "hip" West End of Glasgow, and the beautiful Victorian building is just amazing. The high ceilings and the ornate detailing on both the exterior and interior is a photographers paradise! I hadn't been in years, and so a few weeks ago when I had a random Thursday off work, the boy decided to take the day off too, and we took a trip down there. It was so much fun, and because it was a weekday it was fairly quiet so I could snap away to my hearts content, without getting in too many peoples way! Or them getting in my way more to the point! ;o) 

I'll hopefully share some more photo's of our day out soon, but thats all for now!

If you have any fun pictures you want to share, or just wanna have a nosey at other peoples, head on over to Snapshot Saturday on Kim's blog!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Jilly xo

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