A yummy scrummy cosy weekend...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in ages.

We ate yummy food.
I made jalapeno poppers which were actually AH-MAY-ZING, and SO easy to make. I got the recipe from Lindsay at Aisle to Aloha, on this blog post. I was worried they might be too spicy for me, but the combination of the cream cheese and the pastry made them super yummy with just a little bit of a kick! The boy loved them too.

For main course I made sirloin steak with garlic butter sauce, dauphinoise potatoes, and crunchy green beans. The UK does green beans alllll wrong, but living in the US for a year taught me the way of the crunchy green beans! I use a recipe for these from O'hana restaurant in Walt Disney World. Yummmmmeeee!

Dessert sadly was a fail. I attempted a white chocolate mousse, and it was all going so well, until right before I was gonna pour the mix into the glasses, and it seemed to sorta separate and go lumpy! I think perhaps I should have let the chocolate cool a little more before mixing, cant think where else it went wrong. Luckily we were really full after dinner anyway, so it wasnt a great loss!

We cosied up and played games and watched movies.

Normally on a Saturday we go out for dinner and drinks in Glasgow, but we decided we were going to go out a nice drive on Sunday, and find a yummy roast somewhere, so we decided to have a quiet Saturday. In the afternoon we went out for a little while, I went to Waterstones to buy some writing paper, and the boy went to the pub to watch the Rangers game. Then I went to the pub to meet him, and we spotted that a measure of vodka, including a mixer, was 45p!!! 45p!!!! WHAT! Thats pure craziness. The stuff must be like paint stripper, urrrgh!!!

After that we came home, and cosied up to play Glasgow Monopoly, drink some cider and eat tiger loaf with pate. That bread is just nom nom nom!

We went a drive to Balloch

And found a nice wee country hotel restaurant that served us up a yummy roast beef dinner. It was super lush, although my lovely boyfriend told me that my cooking on Friday night was better. He is the designated breakfast chef coz he makes amazing scrambled eggs, and I think this is his way of nominating me to be the designated dinner chef! ( Though I may need some help on the dessert bit haha!)

I was excited about this trip as I'd been planning to wear my new dress from Asos since we decided on our trip 2 weeks ago! (Sorry about the rubbish pics, im pretty bad at self photography!) Its a very Sunday-ish sorta dress, doncha think??

Wore my hair down and straightened it for the first time in ages. Really wanna do something different with my hair, maybe a new colour... any suggestions??

So that was my super weekend! This weekend is a little bit lame, we went out in town last night which was fun, but today I had to leave my boyfriend so I could come home and prep for the big interview on Friday. Scary stuff, but it will all be over with in 6 days.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Jilly xo

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