A Valentine's D.I.Y!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What a busy week its been! With one of my 30 Before 30 goals to reach 50 posts on my blog, I've been thinking a lot about posts and ideas for my blog, to ensure I dont let it slip like I have done in the past. I now have a list of ideas for posts, and some photographs to go along with those, but just not had the time to get on here and actually blog! So hello again, I haven't forgotten about you!

So last week I decided I wanted to get in the Valentine spirit, and make some kind of decoration to hang in my room or above my desk. I really enjoyed making a Christmas Wreath, and I still had a smaller sized polystyrene wreath to be used so I decided I would make a Valentine one! 

My initial plan was to do a pink wreath, with red hearts, but as I was planning it out in my head I decided to go for a neutral colour for the hearts, because then it wouldnt look too Valentiney if I decided to keep it hanging in my bedroom after Valentine's Day has passed!

Here is the finished article, with *super easy* to follow instructions below.

You will need -
* Polystyrene wreath
* Wool
* Pins
* Felt
* Embroidery thread & needle.
* Twine
* Glue

1. Start by pinning the end of your wool to the back of your wreath. Wind it round. And round, and round and round. It can be time consuming, but do what I did and stick on the TV and catch up on soaps, or a movie, or whatever.  Easy peasy!

2. Cut out 3 hearts. I drew mine freehand with a pencil before cutting, or find a template online if you dont trust your drawing! Use your embroidery thread to stitch around the outline of the hearts.

3. Glue the tops of your 3 hearts and stick them to the twine. Wrap the ends of the twine round your wreath, and pin at the back.

4. Take a co-ordinating piece of wool or twine and make a loop, to allow you to hang your wreath.

annnd TA-DA!  You have a super cute, super easy Valentine decoration.

Have any of you been making anything cute for Valentine's? Please leave me a comment and show me your pretties!

Jilly xoxo


  1. goodness gracious! This is so cool. Gonna try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jilly thats so cute!!! I'm going to make one :D Where did you get the poly wreath from? I wanted to make one for Christmas but couldn't find them anywhere!