Starting over...

Monday, 2 November 2009

Well i've tried (and failed) a few times to set up a blog, so when I saw This, I knew I had to sign up!! I just want a place where I can share what I'm getting up to, pictures of things i make, and adventures I have. Not sure that anyone will be interested in reading it, but i'll give it a go anyway :)

Very excited for the first prompt tomorrow! And hopefully by the end of the class i'll have a blog thats actually worth reading, and pretty too :D

In other exciting news, we have just booked up our hotels for Glastonbury next year.... We will stay in a local hotel the night before, and the night after the festival, coz its so far away to drive down there on the day, and the boys will need a night of proper sleep afterwards before driving home. im soooooo excited, just got 7 and a half months to wait now :(
Little Glasto pic to brighten up this post...

If you'd like to see some more stunning Glastonbury pics, click here...
Amazing pics, even if you're not into the festival!

Anyway, bed for me now, its late and I did plan to be in bed about 3 hours ago, oopsie!


  1. Ooh - I wasn't expecting it to do that! I tried to get rid of my post because of my dodgy spelling! Just wanted to say that I'm excited about Glastonbury too. That picture you posted is the wallpaper on my laptop - it makes me smile every time I see those tee pees! Good luck with the Blogging for Scrapbookers class :-) x

  2. hehe thats the wallpaper on my laptop also!!