good intentions....

Monday, 2 November 2009

Well today was the first day of the Blogging for Scrapbookers class by Shimelle... We all recieved our first prompt into our email inboxes with lots of useful tips and ideas.

For this first day, our task is to outline what our intentions are, what we want to get out of taking the class.
For me, I basically want to have a blog that doesnt get abandoned after 3 days/ 3 posts - usually whichever comes first! I've started my blog over about 3 times now, and literally gotten nowhere with it.
I hope that having these prompts arriving into my email inbox (which is permenantly attached to me in the form of my Blackberry) will be a good enough reminder to blog, blog, blog!!
I think there are 2 reasons that my blog has never gotten very far..

1. I dont always have time to scrap/create pretty things , and so if I have nothing creative to share, I feel that theres no point blogging. I have a feeling that Shimelle is going to keep things rather interesting, making sure we are all inspired and have something each day to blog about, wether we have time for craft projects or not!

2. I've never known how to make it look pretty and colourful... like some of the other gorgeous blogs i've seen. I have managed to add this little cherry background which I quite like, but I plan on changing it whenever I figure out how to make a pretty title bar!

I want to try blog as much as possible...And now I have worked out how to blog and post photos directly from my Blackberry - I reaaalllly have no excuse!


  1. I love your blog template! Good luck with the class (linda from Shimelle's class)

  2. Hiya, pretty blog!
    Chrissy from Shimelle's class:).

  3. Just popping in from shimelles class (Jantyannie) I think your blog is very pretty and sparkley already :)

  4. This IS pretty! Love the cherries! Good luck in class!

  5. Another classmate from Shimelle's class. The blog looks great ... and hopefully the blackberry hook-up will help you out! :)

  6. I think your blog template is adorable. I'm another classmate from Blogging for Scrapbookers.

  7. Hi, I'm in your blogging class. I agree with you I think Shimelle will work hard to inspire us. I read someone else's list and they talked about caring more about content than looks and it made me realize that they were right. I like the content of your blog, oh and the cherries are cute also. Keep it up!

  8. Yay! I love your blog, congrats on the great job you did. Yes, I definitely want to work on my title and layout as well.
    I really like your blog (I'm in Shimelle's class, too).