Circle Journal....

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Well I've only had it back for about 5 or more months now, but i've FINALLY got round to taking pics of my entire Circle Journal and uploading....

Ive uploaded just the cover here, (and 1 other pic that i'll talk about in a moment!) if you'd like to see the rest, please click HERE
I chose the theme of my journal because I love travelling, and I wanted my UKS team members to share with me places they have been, or places they dream of going. Funnily enough some of the places that end up in the book are on my "Must see" list already, but it's also given me some new ideas. One of my favourite pages was this one.....

You would barely believe that the stunning beach on the left hand side is actually a beach in the north of Scotland! Its so gorgeous, your mind instantly thinks of somewhere exotic. This page makes me so happy to be Scottish, and reminds me that we really do have a beautiful country to be proud of.

Massive thanks to my UKS team for my lovely journal



  1. what a great project and love the photo of Scotland (I grew up in Aberdeen where the beaches are beautiful golden sand but there are only a few days when it is hot enough to really enjoy them)