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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

While I put together my main post for the day...

Just did this tonight, first page ive done in ages.

Teeny tiny huge bit excited....

Coz I've just heard Muse on the radio and its made me massssively excited for seeing them next Monday at the SEC.. Which has in turn reminded me that I have a 3 day weekend this week - good times!!

Anyway- more music and christmas related excitement later but for now its back to work.. Just wanted to share what's making me smile on an otherwise miserable rainy day!


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Circle Journal....

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Well I've only had it back for about 5 or more months now, but i've FINALLY got round to taking pics of my entire Circle Journal and uploading....

Ive uploaded just the cover here, (and 1 other pic that i'll talk about in a moment!) if you'd like to see the rest, please click HERE
I chose the theme of my journal because I love travelling, and I wanted my UKS team members to share with me places they have been, or places they dream of going. Funnily enough some of the places that end up in the book are on my "Must see" list already, but it's also given me some new ideas. One of my favourite pages was this one.....

You would barely believe that the stunning beach on the left hand side is actually a beach in the north of Scotland! Its so gorgeous, your mind instantly thinks of somewhere exotic. This page makes me so happy to be Scottish, and reminds me that we really do have a beautiful country to be proud of.

Massive thanks to my UKS team for my lovely journal


good intentions....

Monday, 2 November 2009

Well today was the first day of the Blogging for Scrapbookers class by Shimelle... We all recieved our first prompt into our email inboxes with lots of useful tips and ideas.

For this first day, our task is to outline what our intentions are, what we want to get out of taking the class.
For me, I basically want to have a blog that doesnt get abandoned after 3 days/ 3 posts - usually whichever comes first! I've started my blog over about 3 times now, and literally gotten nowhere with it.
I hope that having these prompts arriving into my email inbox (which is permenantly attached to me in the form of my Blackberry) will be a good enough reminder to blog, blog, blog!!
I think there are 2 reasons that my blog has never gotten very far..

1. I dont always have time to scrap/create pretty things , and so if I have nothing creative to share, I feel that theres no point blogging. I have a feeling that Shimelle is going to keep things rather interesting, making sure we are all inspired and have something each day to blog about, wether we have time for craft projects or not!

2. I've never known how to make it look pretty and colourful... like some of the other gorgeous blogs i've seen. I have managed to add this little cherry background which I quite like, but I plan on changing it whenever I figure out how to make a pretty title bar!

I want to try blog as much as possible...And now I have worked out how to blog and post photos directly from my Blackberry - I reaaalllly have no excuse!

Starting over...

Well i've tried (and failed) a few times to set up a blog, so when I saw This, I knew I had to sign up!! I just want a place where I can share what I'm getting up to, pictures of things i make, and adventures I have. Not sure that anyone will be interested in reading it, but i'll give it a go anyway :)

Very excited for the first prompt tomorrow! And hopefully by the end of the class i'll have a blog thats actually worth reading, and pretty too :D

In other exciting news, we have just booked up our hotels for Glastonbury next year.... We will stay in a local hotel the night before, and the night after the festival, coz its so far away to drive down there on the day, and the boys will need a night of proper sleep afterwards before driving home. im soooooo excited, just got 7 and a half months to wait now :(
Little Glasto pic to brighten up this post...

If you'd like to see some more stunning Glastonbury pics, click here...
Amazing pics, even if you're not into the festival!

Anyway, bed for me now, its late and I did plan to be in bed about 3 hours ago, oopsie!